Monday, November 28, 2011

My comments regarding your comments about my comments.

When there's no appropriate photo I always use Natalie Wood
Thanks to everyone who responded to my blog anniversary request to chime in with who you are and what you'd like to see on the blog.  A special thanks for all the lovely things you guys said.  I was really touched.  Who needs Google Ads when I can receive that?  

One suggestion a lot of you had was that you'd like me to participate more in the comments section.  First off, know that I read every comment.  They're emailed to me.  So sometime I'm not in a position to respond.

I do toss in a comment now and again, but for the most part I want you to feel like it's your forum.  Last year when I had that cyber-feud with Roseanne I noticed that if any commenter on her blog disagreed with her even in the slightest she ripped them a new one.  I don't want to be overly defensive and (as long as you leave a name) I want you to feel comfortable offering an opposing point-of-view. 

But I will try to enter the fray a little more in the future.

I must say that on numerous occasions the commenters and the discussions in the comments section are far more entertaining than my actual posts.   Not to mention some of the uh... debates that have occurred.  As long as they don't get personal or ugly I try to stay out of the way.   (The Doug McEwan vs. Diana DeGarmo's mom pitched battle was particularly high theater.)

But again, MANY THANKS.



Phillip B said...

Ken -

Agree that having the author wade in commenting on comments can often be heavy handed. (Roseanne may have lost weight, but she is nothing if not heavy handed)

Discovered you while looking for a source on Jon Miller's correct age. So I came for the baseball and stayed for the sit-coms, the stories of being a working writer, the memories of a golden age of radio, and the tales of travel.

Bill James once defended himself from the accusations that he wasted his life writing about baseball by borrowing a quote - that the careful study of any part of life becomes the study of life itself. Many of your observations are easily transposed to other industries and other parts of life. They are real, really interesting, and on occasion - wise.

And almost always amusing, sometimes amusing enough to make my day. Very special thanks for that in these tough times.

My only humble suggestion on the occasion of your 6th anniversary is that you might try displaying a picture of Natalie Portman now and then, just to broaden your age demographic!

HogsAteMySister said...

Looking forward to more comments from you and, more importantly, far more photos of Natalie.

Still Whoa after all these years.

YEKIMI said...

A Friday question: How often do the readers inspire you to write about something that may have never pooped up on your radar? [Besides links to videos, etc.];-P

WV: Supperi-Dinner in Italy.

selection7 said...

For the content creator, getting involved in an internet 'comments section' is like shark infested waters. You might do alright if you get in and get out quickly + you don't want to do it so often that they can just lie in wait.

Also, I'd say some of the time Ken is responding, but its in the form of a future blog post.

D. McEwan said...

What can I say? I've been getting high in theaters since 2001: A Space Odyssey was first released. (And I'm naturally cranky.)

Richard Y said...

Regarding requests to please leave your "name" as opposed to 'Anonymous' which you do not like. What is the difference between '123XYX' (forgive me if I mentioned someone) and 'Anonymous' leaving a comment?

Brian Phillips said...

Thanks for reading what I've written. Heck, a misstatement I made turned into another blog entry. Also, thanks for answering all the questions.

WV: inouse: Cockney variant of at 'ome.

Anonymous said...

I have had the Anonymous fight on other blogs.

I don't want to 'sign up' for each blog I read just to comment. It really shouldn't be necessary. But it is helpful to other posters and the writer themselves to have a 'name' to go with a person. Anonymous can be everyone, but SisterZip you get to know and expect a specific snarkyness. If you have to call SisterZip on something she said, you want to craft your comment to fit that person not a different Anon.

Did that make any sense? :-)

Pam aka SisterZip

404 said...

Ken, I didn't get a chance to comment on the previous post, but did want to say also thanks for all the laughs through the years. I don't recall how I found your blog--might've read about it online somewhere, or stumbled on it through one of those "blogs you might like" feeder services. I honestly don't know. But I came, read, laughed, and really enjoyed everything about it. And once I found out you were connected to MANNEQUIN 2? Well, the rest is history!

Seriously, this blog is one of my few "must reads" and I look forward to every post. Even the baseball ones.

Dan Tedson said...

"First off, know that I read every comment."

I gotta say, that impresses the hell out of me. Though my sadistic side now wants to organize and get everyone talking about the white bits in summer sausage or maybe Revlon's new fall line since you can't turn away, in A Clockwork Orange sort of way.

Ref said...

One reason I read this almost EVERY day is that it just feels like a wide-ranging, irreverent conversation in which a lot of people share interesting and amusing observations. Keep it coming.

Ms Asshat said...

Roseanne is my roll model so please be kind to her eh.

Anonymous said...

Doug McEwan has earned the nickname, "angry comic book store guy." Read his posts using the simpson's comic book guy voice. I promise it makes his posts suddenly hilarious!

Long live ACBSG!!

D. McEwan said...

Why do I suddenly get the feeling that this "Anonymous" is one I've vented on here before? Still not got the guts to leave a name with your insults.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the blog, but what we really want to know is, when are you going to do more play-by-play for the Mariners? You have such a great time doing them, or at least it sounds like it. And you're not afraid to call out a player for doing something just plain dumb.

June Sullivan said...

Is it me, Ken, or is there a trend in television program intros where architectural scale models are filmed instead of real buildings/landscape? I was always sure that Two and A Half Men's opening was a fabricated shoreline. And others appear that way to me, too. Of course, now that I think they do that, I keep thinking everything is fake, like the large Hamptons home/shore on Revenge.

Teresa said...

I just discovered your blog, after reading "And Here's the Kicker." All I can say is: thank you, thank you, thank you, for blogging!