Monday, August 13, 2012

Join me on the Jim Bohannon Show

I'll be on the Jim Bohannon national radio show tonight for an hour discussing my new book, THE ME GENERATION... BY ME (GROWING UP IN THE '60s).   The show is heard on over 300 radio stations.  Here's a list.  I'll be on live from 11-midnight East Coast time, but the station in your area might air it at a different time.  I don't know.  I plan to just show up, hopefully be hilarious, and sell a lot of books.

Speaking of which...

... check out the website for the book.  It's now loaded with more photos, bizarre videos, audiobook sample, reviews, and of course -- where to go to ORDER yours.   It's the best way to support this free blog and (depending on how fast a reader you are -- spending three or fifty highly entertaining hours.   Thanks much!


AAllen said...

Click through the stations list to find audio and the show archives. The interview starts at 40 minutes on Monday's show.

Charles H. Bryan said...

@AAllen -- thanks for posting that info.

I haven't listened to Bohannon in a while, but I always appreciated that he was on AM radio not as some overly politicized rant machine, but as someone who actually interviews people and listens.

Charles H. Bryan said...

The interview was pretty good -- I personally would have liked it to go longer, but it sounded like he was very interested in having you back. (And who wouldn't be?)

gottacook said...

I had no idea Bohannon's show was still on. I sometimes used to listen to him on the weekends, on the same network (Mutual?) that featured Larry King on weeknights, during the late 1980s and early '90s. I wish King had never gone to CNN; he belonged on radio.

Anonymous said...

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