Saturday, August 11, 2012

Tweets of the week

In case you missed them or are one of the 3 billion people on the planet not following me, here are some of my Tweets of the Week:

If ANNA KARENINA with Keira Knightley was about one of those Russian girls who dance with long ribbons, I’d go see it.

Shocker! Republicans name VP candidate that I’ve heard of.

HuffPost Headline: Did Ann Curry get fired because of her shoes?

As a kid, the two signs that summer was ending and school would soon be back -- Robert Hall commercials and pre-season football.

Dwight Howard to the Lakers. The Lithuania team would still give them a run for their money.

Congrats to the US Women soccer team. Love the celebration. Girl on girl on girl.

There’s sunshine on Mars. Maybe they should have held the Olympics there.

At 5 Guys drink refills are free. But I could get a large for only 20 more cents. I said are people that stupid and he said yes.

Might have felt an aftershock. Since I don’t have THX and even if I did, the TV was off. I’m guessing aftershock.

I can’t watch women’s gymnastics in Olympics without feeling like Buck Henry as the babysitter on SNL.

Now that we’re on Mars, can they finish the 405 Freeway repairs?

Tonight NASA will land on Mars thus beginning season 25 of SURVIVOR.

Off to Dodger Stadium to see how many Dodgers I recognize from last week.

Code of conduct at Dodger Stadium. Tommy Lasorda telling fans to watch their language. Ask him about Kingman’s performance.

Michael Phelps has won more Olympic gold medals than anyone. But Matthew Weiner vows to overtake him.


Anonymous said...

I like the Bevaqua (who couldn't hit water of he fell out of a fucking boat), tape better.

cadavra said...

From the Christ-Am-I-Stupid Dept.: I once asked a counterman why there were more than one size of drink cups when they had self-serve with free refills. He replied, "Well, those really aren't for dine-ins; they're for carry-outs and drive-thrus."


VP81955 said...

Of course, Ken, I remember the good old days when we didn't use euphemisms and called August NFL games what they really are -- exhibition football.

BigTed said...

Is it stupidity or laziness? I bet plenty of fast food customers would pay an extra 20 cents for a large drink just so they don't have to get up out of their chair and walk all the way to the refill station. (Or so they can eat in the car, probably while texting and driving.)

dgwphotography said...

Lasarda ranting about Kingman is one of the all-time classics...

chuckcd said...

Well, if your taking the drink with you to go...