Wednesday, February 05, 2020

EP160: Meet John Pike Part 2

The former president of Paramount TV and VP of CBS Late Night, John Pike discusses his role, the birth of Fox, the return of STAR TREK, working with David Letterman, the future of the business, and he offers great advice for anyone interested in getting into the entertainment industry. 

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Jen said...

Kirk Douglas raped Natalie Wood!!!???

How come you never spoke about this on your Natalie blogs?

Now is the right time to talk about it Ken.

Rae Lynn said...

Everyone all over the internet is talking about the very important news that Kirk Douglas raped Natalie Wood!!!

Ken you must discuss this immediately!

Why have you never spoke about this?

Unwoke said...

Is this a wild allegation? I mean Kirk Douglas was a gentleman. Now that he is dead, people are bashing him. Where were they all these years? The man lived to be 103 and no one had the guts to question him then. Now this woke generation is behaving like a lynch mob.

Jeff Boice said...

Thanks for the podcast. Greed, Ego, and Passion- that sums it up nicely.

Buttermilk Sky said...

Take a look at this first:

I'm sure Douglas made plenty of enemies when he defied the blacklist and gave Dalton Trumbo screen credit on SPARTACUS. Now it's revenge time. I need more than gossip before I accuse him of a disgusting crime.

Ted said...

FYI to Ken: The pilot episode of "Katy Keene" (a new teen drama about Archie Comics characters becoming young-adult dreamers in Manhattan) included a C-plot about someone auditioning for a Broadway-musical adaptation of "Mannequin." (Unfortunately, he didn't get the part, so I don't think we'll be seeing the musical itself.)

Wendy M. Grossman said...

That was a very interesting interview, thank you, Ken. One nitpick: I was curious about Pike's comment that Netflix lost 1.6 million subscribers as soon as Disney opened, so I looked it up. In fact, that did not happen. It was a widely reported *prediction* that it *might* happen. I agree with Pike's main point, that people aren't going to be able to afford or want to pay for all these subscriptions and there will be consolidation (IMO and/or unbundling, so you subscribe directly to your favorite shows rather than to the service that produces them), but it's also worth remembering that streaming is a global business, not a domestic one. Netflix, Apple, Amazon, and Disney are all global brands, and Netflix is (after burning enormous amounts of capital over the last few years) well ahead on local content - they make programs for domestic markets in other countries in a way the others don't. There's a much bigger picture here than the purely US domestic market that TV producers have primarily considered until now.


Charles Bryan said...

I don't mention enough how much I enjoy your podcast. Funny and informative and engaging, and these two shows with John Pike fit right in. He sounds like a great guy to work with (but I guess that you wouldn't want to spend time interviewing a lousy person). Thanks!