Wednesday, February 26, 2020

EP163: All things FRASIER

In the second part of his discussion with David Lee, the co-creator of FRASIER, they get into the creation, casting, tone, and speculation over whether there will ever be a reboot of this iconic series.   If you’re a fan of FRASIER, this episode is not to be missed. 

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Brian said...

Friday Question: There seems to be some confusion out there regarding Lisa Kudrow's casting as Roz. Some articles claim she actually filmed the original pilot, and her scenes were reshot with Peri Gilpin, while others say she was replaced during the rehearsal week and never shot any scenes. I'm inclined to believe the latter, but can you confirm which is correct?

Jeff Boice said...

"Test audiences love babies and dogs"... have to admit adding the dog did work out well.

Andrew said...

No love for The Jeffersons, huh, Ken?

These two podcasts were wonderful. So much humor and insight. Thanks for sharing.

Ray Morton said...

Hi Ken,

I worked at Paramount years ago as a writer on a sitcom called BROTHERS (our offices were across Lucy Park from the CHEERS offices and we would look across at you guys on rewrite night in envy that you were working on the gold standard of sitcoms and we were working on, well, BROTHERS). Because I knew people who worked on the show, I was invited to the party celebrating the 200th episode of CHEERS and at the party ended up winning a raffle that awarded me a collection of 4 commemorative leaded crystal champagne glasses with the Cheers 200th logo etched on them. I've kept them all this time, still in their original packing. But these days I'm looking to downsize and don't really have room for them any more. I don't want to throw them out because they really are pretty nice. I thought about selling them, but would prefer they go to someone who had some connection to the show and for whom they might actually have some meaning. All of this is a long-winded way of asking if you would like to have these glasses? If you do, they're yours -- no charge and no strings attached. If you do, just email me at and we can sort out how to get them to you. And if you don't want them, of course, no worries. Sincerely, Ray Morton

Mike Barer said...

I rememberthat Ken and David wrote the story where Niles slept with Lilith. That was a memorable episode that broke all social codes.