Wednesday, February 19, 2020

EP162: Meet FRASIER co-creator David Lee

David Lee was a showrunner on THE JEFFERSONS and CHEERS and co-creator of WINGS and FRASIER. He’s an Emmy winning writer/director/producer.  In part one of this two part discussion, he discusses breaking into the business, THE JEFFERSONS, CHEERS, and the rigors of creating their first series, WINGS.  Next week is all FRASIER. 

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Brian said...

I can't wait to hear this. I love Mr. Lee's archive interview and am looking forward to what else he has to say about all the shows he's worked on.

Jeff Boice said...

Thanks again. In particular I liked the talk about the John Cleese episode- "and John Cleese was there, too". And the mention of mimeographs- I wonder when they finally went out of style.

Edward said...

Monday Question

Why the hate on "The Jefferson's" ???

The Levine/Issacs spec script was good enough for Gene Reynolds to read and assign you a MASH episode to write, but the producers of "Cheers" refused to look at a finished script?

The Jeffersons was a show with adult characters. It was not a children's show or family show usually seen on ABC.

Why the hate?

Would there have been another show on at that time that the "Cheers" producers would read?