Saturday, February 01, 2020

Weekend Post (yearly tradition)

This is a yearly tradition.

For several years I had been talking about the "Lost" CHEERS scene. David and I wrote it for the 1983 Super Bowl Pre-game show to promote our fledgling series. They ran it just before game time and it was seen by 80,000,000 people. Nothing we've ever written before or since has been seen by that many eyeballs at one time. But the scene was never repeated. It never appeared on any DVD's. It just disappeared.

Until a few years ago.

Sportswriter supreme, Joe Resnick had taped every Super Bowl including that one. And since the scene aired so close to the game, it was on the tape.  Sadly, Joe passed away a few years ago.   You can read my tribute to him here.

Thanks to friend of the blog, Howard Hoffman, he was able to digitize it and post it on YouTube.  Here's the text of the scene.

So here it is. The Super Bowl is Sunday.


Mike Barer said...

That was really cool. I had forgotten about Axhelm. I looked him up. Sadly, he died in 1991, he was only 47.

Xenu said...

Advance warning to everyone that the loons at the church of scientoolery will be unveiling their annual shit sandwich of an ad in selected markets during Superbowl. It's always entertaining to read the tweets taking the piss out of the ad.

Kevin George said...

Very cool to see this mini-episode — and what do you know? Diane’s outrage was spot-on! Haha

Jahn Ghalt said...

Diane’s outrage was spot-on!

NO WAY!! Marino and the Dolphins had 'em ALL THE WAY!!

("Theisman Person" HUMMPHHH!)