Tuesday, July 30, 2013

SITCOM ROOM registration is now open

My once-a-year weekend seminar is now open for registration.  The dates are October 26-27 in Los Angeles.  Only 20 slots are available and when they're gone, that's it. Already, a few are taken (people on the alert list knew about this yesterday).  HERE'S WHERE YOU GO FOR INFORMATION AND TO SIGN UP.  Trust me, if you're serious about comedy writing or ever wanted to just experience what it's like to be a professional comedy writer, this is the one seminar for you.   Lots of learning and lots of laugh.  Hope to see you there.  

UPDATE:  We are completely SOLD OUT.  Thanks to all of you for registering.  Get ready for an awesome weekend.  


Breadbaker said...

Totally off topic but MLB-TV had Vin Scully announcing the Dodger-Yankee game tonight. Scully's call when the Dodgers won was his typical factual and understated but appropriate call.

Later, during their nightly recap, the same network didn't use Scully's call but presumably the radio call, much louder and more boisterous.

Scully also, in describing the Pirates-Cardinals game noted that one team was top of the league in hitting with runners in scoring position and the other was last, even though they both are successful. He didn't try to make any point with that, but that is the point, isn't it? The statistic is meaningless. Only being Vin Scully, he didn't have to say the extra words.

From here in Seattle, any time we can hear him we have to worry it will be the last time. And Lord we'll miss him when he's gone.

Johnny Walker said...

I would say to all new registrants: Your experience will depend a lot on who you're in a room with -- as that's where you'll spend a large portion of the weekend. If I had to offer you a tip, I would say: Bring your best "team work" attitude with you; room-writing is a collaboration.

If you don't like a suggestion, try not to just shoot it down, but improve on it instead. And always be mindful of your fellow writer's feelings.

Most people actually have a swell time collaborating with their fellow attendees, but I promise you, no matter what happens, you will learn a LOT and leave the weekend feeling pumped and energised. In fact, I've never spoken to an attendee who wouldn't do it all again.

Have fun!

Wendy M. Grossman said...

Seconding what Johnny says; we were both 2011 attendees. I wrote about the experience here.


Charles H. Bryan said...

Hi Ken - Friday Question (although you've probably answered this somewhere before): If you could implement changes in baseball, what would you do? What things frustrate you most about the modern game?

Johnny Walker said...

Also, take the time to proof read what you write. (Yet another time I wish I could edit my comments here!)