Friday, February 17, 2006

Some kids write poetry...

….my darling children write rants. Here’s another from my Northwestern undergrad daughter, Annie. And one from my 23 year old son, Matt. Our family is hardly the Cosbys.


From Annie:

Theater Majors.

You must understand, that I didn’t want to do this rant. I tried to hold off due to the many many theater friends that I have. But I just had to do it. So, in order not to lose any friends (or so that I don’t have to sleep with one eye open every night), I shall confine my ranting into: Theater majors that fit into one of these categories:

1). The “I’m so unique and funny” major. These are the people who get cast solely for their willingness to look like an idiot on stage. And as a result, they ironically seem to think that this gives them the right to laugh at us. But that’s not what gets me…it’s how ANNOYING they are. And they fool you every time. You always think “Oh he’s so clever and funny” and then five minutes later you’re about to put duct tape on his mouth, tear out your hair and run around screaming “No more funny voices for the love of G-d!!” And if you are in a class with them, it’s the worst! Remember that class clown in elementary school who wasn’t actually funny, but you giggled because you always felt bad that he was sent the principal’s office daily? Well, that little second-grader’s humor far surpasses anything that I have heard come out of the overly ambitious mouths of these 20 year olds. People like this are the reason that quality of SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE has gone to shit.

2) The pretentious majors. These are the ones you know best. The ones who serve your food at CPK, who carry combs around, who always have a headshot handy. I just have one question about this type of theater major and that is “Who the hell do these people think they are?!” I got news for them -- everyone and their grandmother has probably starred as “Nathan Detroit” in SOME production of GUYS AND DOLLS, they are nothing special! I think it’s wonderful that you got into the new musical, I could not be happier that you once played a child in a “Sunny Delight” commercial, now shut the hell up. If I ever start a sentence with “Well, back when I starred in…” just hunt me down and beat me back down to earth.

3) The “Do I know you?” major. Now it might be a bit difficult to follow all these categories because each one involves people whose egos could fill the large venues that they claim to have performed in. The “Do I know you” theater major is a little different in that there are times when you think that these people are normal. Those times include: a) when you’re paying them a compliment or b) when you’re doing them a favor. They have the sweetest tone when they ask you to help them with their costume, and when you say they did a wonderful job in the show they display a wonderfully false humility. However if you see them in a normal situation you must, I repeat you MUST, resist the urge to smile, say hi, ask a question or even stand too close. Because these vultures will stare you down! And the death stare has been perfected in such a way that no matter who you are, where you are, or how your day has gone you will immediately feel like you have been condemned to death. I could have just won a damn Nobel Prize, and yet some girl who played “Tree #7” in INTO THE WOODS will make me feel like I’m going to be flipping burgers for the rest of my life.

So the best advice that I can give you is this: If you happen to have one of these types as your server at a restaurant, and you want anything (e.g. your order to come out right), a little praise can go a long way. Who knows, you may find it’ll bring out the inner actor in you?


From Matt:

Valentine’s Day cards

So I know I'm not the child normally sending out the rants, but I couldn't resist after going to the store today to buy a Valentine's Day card. I've found the cards fall into three major categories:

1) Sappy. These are the one's that just make you want to puke. I don't know who can give them out without their significant other realizing that they are trying to b-line it for their pants. I mean, no straight guy ever, EVER, talks like this:

“It's so nice to know we're in this thing together... no matter what. We're partners to the end. It's you for me and me for you,'s so nice to be in love with my best friend! Happy Valentine's Day”

2) Funny. These are the ones written by the writers who couldn't cut it on Heather Graham's new/expired sitcom. Topics of the "funny" Valentine's day cards:

Diary of the chocolate with the yucky apricot cream center, a guy who says "yes" to the question "Am I fat" (Uh oh, is he in trouble), and of course any type of pun

3) Cute. These are the easiest to spot. Take either a cat, dog, or other fuzzy animal and slap a picture of it on the front of the card. Is this supposed to get you laid? Are women really that shallow?

Now for the worst part, the combinations of the three categories. If you have a weak stomach I'd stop reading now. Imagine a card with a puppy on the front, a pun about "puppy love", and inside a puke-worthy story about how the card sender's life is worthless without the love of their life.

Am I a cynic? Of course. Am I wrong? Absolutely not. If anybody from Hallmark reads this, please, please end this shenanigan of a holiday that allows women to set the bar that much higher for any chance to get some that particular night.


doggans said...

My best friend is a theater major, so I've met plenty of people from all three of those categories.

As for the Valentines...I had a friend way back in eighth grade who was bought his girlfriend lots of chocolates, a few boquets of flowers, and an extremely mushy card for Valentine's Day. Unfortunately, that was the day she decided to dump him.

SkookumJoe said...

your error, young Levine, male, is in assuming the purpose of the card is to "get you laid". No, no...the Valentine's card is used to maintain an established lay. There is, as yet, no device which will guarantee the INITIAL lay.

Anonymous said...

Annie nailed it, but forgot a couple -

1) The chubby ones who can only be beautiful and charming when stitched into a corset and speaking in iambec pentameter. And they always pronounce it "thea-tuh", by the way, and have no idea that their best friend, whom they've had an unrequieted crush on since freshman year, is gay even though at 21 he's still a virgin and a member of the school choir. Every audition monologue this person ever performs generally ends with either tears or a loud funny face and a flop on the floor. Wants to be a professional actress but eventually refuses to move to New York or Los Angeles and settles for regional productions of As You Like It.

2) the dirty ones who wear ripped t-shirts and leather jackets with boots, drive motorcycles and shower only when absolutely necessary. Mumbles a lot and hate any shows requiring them to where tights. At the thought of being in a David Mamet or Sam Shepard play they actually grow physically aroused. Most audition monologues end with him getting enraged at someone he's supposed to love. Tries to sleep with every woman in the department at least twice and makes a pass at least one professor. Has no idea that the good buddy he lifts weights and boxes with at the gym is really gay, even though he never sees him with any woman and the fellow waxes his chest. Wants to be a professional actor but refuses to move to LA or New York, cut his hair or buy real headshots (he likes the k-mart pictures that come 4 out of a machine), so instead settles for community theatre productions of Streetcar Named Desire.

There are more, but those are the highlights.

BTW, full disclosure, I was unfortunately one of the latter types, but I wasn't afraid to move to NYC or cut my hair. I grew out of the rest of it, thankfully.