Sunday, April 15, 2007

Foto fun

I thought I'd share some amusing photos I've come across lately. If you ever see me post one of a cute kitty in a funny costume get that shotgun off the wall and put one right between my eyes.

When I was a kid growing up he used to be Big Boy. And I thought he was bragging THEN.

"Ummm... I think I want to use a Lifeline."

Now you know why your flight was delayed last Christmas.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ken,

Nice photos, and thanks for your consistently entertaining bloggery.

I hate to put this in a public comment, but do you have any interest in developing an animated show? If this link is intriguing enough to get you to email me, I'd be thrilled to explain what it is.

Sorry if this mode of contacting you is overwhelmingly cheesy - I think you're worth the risk.


Cedricstudio said...

Fun pictures. But I think "The Moon" is a doctored photo. The text for "The Moon" looks twice as crisp as the other text in the image, looks to me like it was added in Photoshop.

Anonymous said...

Thanks cedric. Cuz, I mean, DAMN, you know? It was looking like she HAD used a lifeline, 50/50. Forget fifth grader, are you smarter than a one year old?

Anonymous said...

The Millionaire picture is fake. It's not the same font used on the show. More info here:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the memory with the Big Boy photo. Do you remember the decals? Cut the head off and put it on the platter, then put the hamburger on the Big Boy. Almost as good as cruising the Van Nuys Bob's on a Friday night.

Thanks a ton for your great blog and all of your excellent work.

Anonymous said...

The "Dead Santa" is classic among aviation buffs.

No "Friday Cat-Blogging"???? Hand in your liberal writer blogger membership!!

Anonymous said...

That millionaire picture may be a fake but this clip from the French version, "Qui Veut Gagner des Millions ?" is totally 100% real. The question is "What revolves around the Earth", the answers are fairly obvious, and the studio audience, well you decide.