Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Sitcom Room is open!

You can now sign up for my two day comedy writing workshop, the Sitcom Room.

It will be held in Los Angeles on July 21-22. For two days you’ll experience what it’s like to actually be in a writing room. I’ll have actors to perform your scene and drive you crazy. I’ll have studio and network notes. Instruction and guidance. Camaraderie and much laughter. When you’re not pulling your hair out by the roots you will be having a helluva time.

For details and sign up information please click on our website

We’re limiting it to 15 participants and already more than half of the slots have been taken. If this was an informercial I’d say “So you don’t forget, order by midnight tonight” but those offers usually give you free pocket fishermen or Slim Whitman CD’s as a bonus and I don’t have any of that crap.

Hope to see you in July. And a big thanks to everyone who has already signed up.

An actual entertaining post will go up shortly.


The Bumble Bee Pendant said...

will u ever do 1 in NY?

By Ken Levine said...

I don't know. At the moment I don't want to look beyond this seminar.

If someone sponsors me though, I think there's a big need for this in Hawaii.

Anonymous said...

$995 for two days? Is Sinatra performing each night?

I was excited when you decided to offer a writing course that could actually help people. It's very difficult for aspiring writers to find a break in this town. However, anyone working to become a writer here is likely making $400/wk as a PA or writer's assistant. There's no way any of us could afford your course.

You're a very talented man with an amazing resume, and I respect that, but charging that much means the only people you'll be helping are those who are already successful. And frankly, they probably don't need it.

Anonymous said...

With Don Ho dead, there's no reason to go to Hawaii anymore.

Unknown said...

You could have put up "spoiler alert". I've been caught up with other things, and I did not know that Don Ho was dead. This is not how I wanted to find out.

GL Rules said...

Ken, if I can make it, I'll be there. I have loved most of your writing, here and across other wires, for as long as I can remember. Grew up on "Cheers," and still watch the syndicated "Frasier"s whenever I get a chance.

I am currently writing a spec script for "SCRUBS" where Don Ho plays an elderly mystic who "simplifies" everything with off-beat witticisms, only because he's got Alzheimer's and they don't...


Whaledawg said...

For $995 I'd expect a little less 'Romper Room' in the website quite frankly.

Graham Powell said...

Alas, if I lived within 1000 miles of LA I might have a go at this. You need to take this show on the road! Fort Worth.

Anonymous said...

You do realize that because it’s on July 21st, you’re asking me to ditch my book club at the new Harry Potter book release party that night? That’s Danger with a capital D, my friend. I’m likely to wake up in Tijuana with a tattoo of a broomstick across both cheeks of my heiney.

And yes…I spelled 'heiney' like that. Twice.

By Ken Levine said...
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By Ken Levine said...

It would be impractical at the moment to hold the seminar anywhere else, actors and other things involved. As for the future, we'll see.

At least if you have to travel you're coming to LA where there are other great things to see like the La Brea Tar Pits and Bob's Big Boy in Toluca Lake.

Dwacon said...

Does the cost include having you read my pilot about a writer who has trouble keeping deadlines because his four nympomanic roomates keep him, erm, occupied?

Well, could you at least hire for hot actresses so we could do a (un)dress rehearsal?


Oh, okay Ken...

Dwacon said...

You guys didn't know about Don Ho must not have read my blog.

I guess I shouldn't mention Kitty Carlisle then...

Tao Jones said...

Hi Mr. Levine,

I have always wanted to be a comedy writer. But I have a family now, and as a result, a bit of a cash flow problem.

Would you be willing to hold a spot for me if I commit my fundraising efforts to film?

If you're game, I'll even let you choose a deadline.

No savings, no head start, no hidden stash. From $0 - $995. All on film.

Is this a possibility?

Anonymous said...


I've always thought you were the bees knees and was DYING to do your Sitcom Room. But $995 for two days -- I don't know who can possibly afford this. I'm an aspiring writer, work a crummy ass't job, and the cost of your seminar alone is more than half a month of pay for me. I'm sure there's a lot of industry kids whose west side parents will foot the bill, but they probably don't need this leg up anyway.

Todd Mueller said...


$995 is a whole lotta cheddar. You know who has that much cheese? My dear old Aunty. And she's always wanted to write for TV. Plus she has a couple of ticklers for ZIGGY. That's what she calls her funny ideas...ticklers. It's a shame she doesn't have a writing sample. She doesn't like to type. She can never find that pesky 'uncaps lock' key. But wait! She doesn't need a writing sample!

And yet, despite all that...I just registered. Mr. Levine now has my hard earned cash and not a single one of my hysterical and finely crafted specs. That's how much faith I have in Mr. Levine.

I just hope I won't be weekending with 14 members from my Aunty's knitting circle.

On a side note, does anyone know how long it takes to knit a noose? And, more importantly, what is Ken's neck size?

Grubber said...

Without wanting this to develop into a flame war, I must admit to being amazed at some of the comments here about the cost of the seminar.

Any comments about the cost of it are based on what you personally believe the market can bear and in most instances what you can personally afford.

That is totally different to the worth of the product.

How do you value 30 plus years of sitcom writing and showrunning? I'm buggered if I know, but I am thinking it is worth a little more than $995. What does McKee charge? Does he sit down with you and go through a script? I truly do not know the answer but I am thinking $500 plus and no.

Lets look at it further.

Room Hire for 48 hours plus, yes, allow for setup and breakdown of room. Years ago I was a Banquet Manager, knowing it is a hollywood type person, I would have slugged them extra.

Professional conference organsior to make sure it runs smoothly. They are easy to f*&^ up.

Food, including bad chinese being delivered to the airport.

Actors, to actually present your words in action.

Preparation, including a website that spells everything out. Nothing flash at the moment, but I am sure it could look better and charge more to do so. I feel that falls under the catch 22 scenario.

Not sure, but maybe preparation of up to three different scripts(as you will be tackling a script in trouble, someone has to write it first).

I am pretty sure this is the same Ken Levine that many peopel visit every day to either be entertained or educated....for free. How many people acknowledge his brilliance when it is free.

Personally, I don't know Ken other than through this blog, you can check out my profile, ain't even in the same country, but if I did live in LA I would be moving heaven and earth to get on this thing if I wanted to write comedy or get a job on a sitcom. Why? Access to 30 plus years experience. Something that doesn't happen often.


TheMuse said...

At the moment I don't know if what I'm writing is one hour or half hour but it sure is humorous. Thanks for putting this on Ken. Great idea! Thoughts?

Todd Mueller said...

Dave et all-

Points well taken. And if it were anybody other than Mr. Levine, I'd be paying my rent in July.

HOWEVER... I am a member of various writers' groups. These groups usually attract two types of people. The first group is young(ish), poor and struggling. The second is old(er), married to a bread winner and delusional. Guess which group has the talent and which has $1,000?

Furthermore, I've polled every talented, unknown writer I know. They'll all be at the LAX Hilton that weekend. Parking cars.

And based on my own analysis, I'm a little unsettled that I fall into the group with $1,000.

Still...I can't wait and have the highest of hopes.

The Bumble Bee Pendant said...

ken, you have to do one in NY. first off, it will make everything you do here, a tax write off.
second, YOU might be discovered!
third, it is my dream to be in a sitcom room, even fake. my other dream was being on Imus' show.