Friday, May 01, 2009

Now HERE'S a great local commercial

If I'm buying furniture in North Carolina, this is my place. I'll feel good about the prices and even better about myself as a human being.


Richard said...

It's the behind-the-scenes video that really does it for me -- those guys from the store are genuinely funny!

Mary Stella said...

I'm actually in North Carolina right now, not far from High Point. I'm tempted to go to that store just to see if those men are really there.

I particularly like the live jingle singers. Jingle singers are usually so unrecognized.

Anonymous said...

Well, I guess it's the store for everyone. Normally you don't have to mention it, but it's sometimes good to get it out there, so everyone's comfortable!

doggans said...

Rhett and Link are pretty brilliant. Their "Cuban Gynecologist Car Salesman" commercial was a thing of beauty.

Mike Bell said...

At the Red House, the only color that matters is green.

emily said...

Rhett and Link have their own web site:

I love their bbq song:

They're addictive...

The Minstrel Boy said...

hilarious! great!

as a long time jingle hack i love it. love it. love it.

Emily Blake said...

The only thing that would have made that awesomer is if one of the singers was black.

Bob said...

The government fairness commissions that monitor ads could easily ask "what have they got against Asians?" They could be busted for implied discrimination.

Anonymous said...

We'll take the ni**ers and the chinks but NO Irish!

A. Buck Short said...

OK, which one was Ethan and which was Allen?

Makes me regret never taping all the tacky Dallas area discount furniture commercials with managers, who all look like Barry Corbin and sound like Dub Taylor, takin’ an axe to one of their sheetrock dressers to accommodate those incapable of grasping the concept that prices are slashed. Makes one long for the days of Crazy (you fill in the first name) or Mad Man (fill in another first name) begging you to come on down and take advantage of his dementia at the appliance warehouse. By far the best thing about these spots down here is how they pronounce the phrase “bedroom suites” as “suits.” Does that happen anywhere else in the country? It drives me up the wall.

FYI, speaking of walls, in case there wasn’t any coverage of it interviewing Jerry Jones at the Kentucky Derby, the huge inflatable bubble over the Dallas Cowboys practice field completely collapsed about 3 hrs. ago -- in what might have been what they call a wall cloud -- on 28 players during this afternoons rookie practice.

The weather reports said winds were only 60 mph, but you'll have to remember it was only a practice drill.

Although there were initial reports of over 50 injured, and there were 10 fire trucks and 15 ambulances on scene, apparently cooler heads have now winnowed that down to only 3 or 4, and those seem likely to be of the bruise and cut variety. The new special teams coach, Joe DeCamillis was carried out on a stretcher, he seemed conscious; although it’s hard to tell without shots of a trainer trying to talk to him.

I think KTVT (CBS-11) was on second with footage despite the fact that they had their camera (photojournalist) Brett Kelly actually inside shooting when the sucker collapsed. Probably that’s why, they had to dig him out.

Sports anchor Steve Dennis had just gotten their on the outside, but didn't appear to be making a superhuman effort to get in. Which was fortunately, because the first thing Kelly had him do when they made contact was call 911. He did get some good shots.

WFAA (ABC Ch-8), way to go Ken, somehow got on either first or simultaneously, possibly with Channel 11’s footage (you decide). And some other shots provided by an “observer?”

They got it a little more together quickly. Or at least got their actual newscast on the web quicker.

As of an hour ago, Ch. 11 still didn’t seem to have anything with commentary on their website. I guess it was 6pm. news or 6pm. website, and they went with news.

So Ken, I think I'll call it Ch.8 with two on first and Ch. 11 with one out and the other trapped under rubble.

It was also interesting to observe that, as the roof started to collapse, the first thing some of the rookies apparently decided to do was remove their helmets. It’s gonna be a long season folks, and nobody wants to be in the new stadium on opening day if they plan on leaving the roof closed.

OK, back to you Buck, in the newsroom, where, of course, the news is really happening."Got a little Bob & Rayish on both stations, when as you can see in the first video, the sports anchor Joe Trayhan reports they are pretty sure all the players, coaches and everybody have been accounted for, but they’re checking to make sure. In-studio anchor Debbie Denman immediately asks if there’s any reason to believe anyone hasn’t been accounted for. Trayhan gets a nice save.

"Meanwhile over at Ch. 11, the in-studio anchoress is still reporting as many as 50-80 possibly injured right after their sports guy Steve Dennis on the scene is reporting 5 or 6 with cuts and bruises. I know one of the reporters is usually going over copy slipped in by a copywriter while the other is talking, and I would look a lot more ridiculous under that kind of pressure for spontaneity – but this is Dallas for God’s sake, we’ve got almost 46 years of experience with this kind of stuff. Both Dan Rather and Bob Schieffer got network jobs out of it."

All the anchors kept referring to the “air-supported” structure, when their men-on- the-scene kept telling them it was actually a tarp supported by an aluminum frame – what do you think people got cut by? Still, I’m going with the air-support, if only to accommodate the rhyme (with apologies to Jimmy Dean):

-- “You never did see such terrible dejection.
-- Another big collapse of a Jerry Jones erection.
--Big Jon-ones, Big Bad Jones."

Where’s Al Michaels when you really need him? I’m going with the theory God blew a hole in the practice field roof “So he could see his favorite team,” as legend has it. It’s all T.O’s fault.

A. Buck Short said...

TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIESYou already got the picture, but let's have another try at the first FAA report -- whose link seemed to have drifted completely into somebody else's blog. Must be the strong winds. If you want, you try reassembling the two parts by eliminating the 2 spaces.
/cowboys/stories/wfaa090502 _lj_cowboys.11e43627.html

rockgolf said...

Really? That's all it takes to get noticed in American advertising as a paragon of virtue? Announcing that you're not breaking federal discrimination laws?

Wow. That's some bar to hurdle. In their next follow up. "The Red Barn proudly states that we not sell stolen goods."