Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sure, NOW it's all "Glee"

I read an article recently about the new Fox show GLEE that will premiere in the fall but the pilot will sneak preview following the AMERICAN IDOL finale. It was created by Ryan Murphy who also created NIP/TUCK. The premise seems intriguing. An hour high school themed show that weaves in subversive musical numbers. So I guess it’s HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL meets “the Carver”.

The article was glowing. Kevin Reilly of Fox and Dana Walden, the president of 20th TV were touting Murphy as a genius. They were thrilled with the originality of the series, how bold and innovative it is. The young cast similarly was singing (and dancing) Murphy’s praises. It was just a big ol’ glorious love fest!

But as I read the article I thought to myself, “Ah, the honeymoon period.” Enjoy it everybody. But should the show premiere with less than stellar reviews, and should the numbers be disappointing just watch. The network and studio will turn on a dime. As will the actors.

Forget all that hand-off treatment. Networks go from nirvana to panic in less than 60 seconds. Murphy will be deluged. The network will want casting changes. Can they replace the two stars with Tatiana and Sanjaya? Do they have to do the musical numbers? Are the scripts too dark? Is the show too original? Too innovative? Might the budget be a little high? Can they re-shoot the pilot (even though it has already aired?) Everything will be questioned. The title music, the wardrobe, the props. What if the show wasn’t set in a high school?

The actors will now question lines and motivations? Kids who three months ago were waiting tables and singing oldies at Edie’s Broadway Diner will have concerns over where their characters are going. They’ll parrot suggestions their friends and acting teachers have made. Parents will request a meeting with Murphy.

Stunt casting of course will be the network cure-all. Could they get Obama? Or Susan Boyle?

Get ready for time slot changes. And “hiatuses”.

Hopefully none of this will come to pass. Hopefully GLEE will live up to its name. And it will receive a much better fate than say PUSHING DAISIES. Boy were those early articles amazing!


Anonymous said...

Reilly is a moron. "Sit Down, Shut Up"... and renewing "Til Death". Please, someone tell me what a genius he is again. Someone tell me again about all of the shows he "shepherded" at NBC. Wake up, folks. They're ALL morons.

Simon H. said...

Dollhouse is coming back though. Hopefully, Glee will live up to hype. We'll know tomorrow I guess.

Melissa said...

I still don't understand the premise of this show. Is it like an "Office" or "30 rock" type mockery of kids in the Glee club? I saw it has the hilarious lady from 40 Year Old Virgin, Role Models, Best in Show, etc. If it is, I will totally watch.
If it's High School Muscial on TV, I won't.

Anonymous said...

The "high school kids" are mostly in their 20s, with one 18 y/o and one 19 y/o. A couple are 27 y/o! So, you will probably see a lot of older themes here that "real" teens could not play. Reminds me of the new 90210.

Anonymous said...

Ken, love your blog.

Glee Club original? I don't think so. HBO ran a show from Australia (or NZ) called "Summer Heights High" in which the main character was a twisted High School theater arts teacher staging bizarre plays. It was a funny show.

If you listen to the trailer for Glee Club, you'll hear a rip-off of Summer Heights High's theme song. That's right, a rip-off of their theme. What else did they rip-off? We'll see, huh. By the way, the creator of Summer Heights High, Chris Lilley, wrote and produced his show, and played the 3 lead characters: a rich-b*tch teenaged girl, a punk Tongan teenager, and the aforementioned theater arts teacher. That, I would say, is talent and creativity, and in this case, demonstrated originality.

Dave Mackey said...

It's Fame all over again.

Anonymous said...

I saw the "Glee" pilot. Think "Election" with some musical numbers thrown in. Very enjoyable.

SharoneRosen said...

sounds like a combo of COP ROCK plus the ever popular teen angst.. ought to be a new low... can't wait to see it

Unknown said...

Summer Heights High was excruciatingly entertaining. I'd love to claim credit for NZ but it was an Australian production. Anyway, I will be watching Glee with interest.

Ref said...

I'll watch anything with Jane Lynch in it!