Saturday, July 31, 2010

My Twitter telethon presents another spectacular act

It's hard to believe there can be so much sizzling entertainment on one blog but all these incredible performers have come together for this oh-so worthy cause -- me gaining more Twitter followers. I especially thank the ones who are no longer alive (performers, not new followers).

Like this incredible late entertainer. Give it up ladies and gentleman to the incomparable SENOR WENCES!!


Ed Sullivan said...

Senor Wences: "An internet telethon is very easy to do."

His hand: "Easy for you, for me ees very deefeecult!"

Cap'n Bob said...

How did he become popular again? The "Arright?" "S'arright!" exchange, I guess. Best line I heard was not by him but about him: "I had a blind date. She looked like Senor Wences's fist."