Sunday, July 11, 2010

This week in Tweets

This is the kind of crap I Tweet if you choose to follow me on Twitter.

Saw Joe Biden's motorcade yesterday. Didn't realize it. 2 limos and lots of police. I thought it was Lindsay Lohan being taken to County.

LeBron deciding where to go for dinner tonight. ESPN hour special begins in fifteen minutes.

Ballplayer walk-up music is annoying. Mine would be "God Bless America". I would get a standing ovation every time I came to the plate.

Cleveland loses LeBron but still has Betty White.

From my daughter Annie: The new Health Care Bill will impose a 10% tax on Tanning Salon Customers? My heart bleeds for the cast of JERSEY SHORE.

It's "earthquake night" at beautiful Dodger Stadium. Anything to attract fans with the Florida Marlins in town.

Another marriage proposal at Dodger Stadium tonight. I forget whether it was during "Kiss Cam" feature or "Bloopers".

Fireworks are great unless you are a dog.


Steph said...

If Betty White leaves, will they burn Depends?

Ryan Leong said...

Ken, I respect you greatly but God Bless America, are you f-ing kidding me? That song total Bud Selig propaganda and has nothing to do with being a patriotic American. I refuse to acknowledge it when they play it at games. In fact, I use that time to take a leak, that's what I think of that post 9-11 song. Ridiculous!

bevo said...

"Fireworks are great unless you are a dog."

Or you're the owner of a god. So glad when July 5 arrives.

wv: precch - the belch that occurs after hearing a particular boring preacher.

DavidL said...

Your tweet average is Hall of Fame level. But not quite "The Kid Who Batted 1.000"

Mike Schryver said...

The problem I have with God Bless America is the back-door way they're trying to turn it into the de facto national anthem. Everyone stands up, takes off their hats, etc., as if it's the Anthem, and it's not. It shouldn't be given the same treatment. The ball clubs are guilty of encouraging this.

Cap'n Bob said...

Kate Smith must be rolling in her grave to think her signature song is now so popular.

Jon J said...

"Cleveland loses LeBron but still has Betty White."

Sure hope you review HOT.

Unknown said...

Very interesting discussion going on here! Really liked the comment of your daughter! :D More funny stories over here

Baylink said...

Your daughter didn't see the WH Correspondents' Dinner this year, did she?

Obama made a *joke* about Snooki and the tanning tax.