Thursday, July 08, 2010

Women I love

Yes, it’s a direct ripoff of Esquire but I doubt if my choices match theirs.

GINA BELLMAN – If you just watch her on LEVERAGE you won’t know that in the British version of COUPLING she was absolutely hilarious. Somehow can play both sexy and goofy at the same time. I don’t know how she does that.

ELENA KAGAN – Handled the confirmation hearing with aplomb and humor and resisted the strong temptation to call Rep. Senator Tom Coburn a fucking moron for asking her if a law could be passed forcing Americans to eat fruits and vegetables. She has more willpower than me, that’s for damn sure.

JANE LYNCH – Quite possibly the funniest actress currently on the planet. And not just for her work on GLEE. She steals every show she’s in. Check her out in 40 YEAR OLD VIRGIN.

RACHEL MADDOW -- She’s that super smart friend that doesn’t make you feel dumb (even though you are). A fair and balanced political commentator, which makes her something of a revelation these days. When asked her political affiliation she said, "I'm undoubtedly a liberal, which means that I'm in almost total agreement with the Eisenhower-era Republican party platform."

JULIE BOWEN – MODERN FAMILY’S “Claire”. There’s no more thankless role for an actress than the “voice-of-reason TV mom” but Julie nails it. She’s funny, she’s real, and maybe it’s just me but I find her hotter than “Gloria”.

MICHELE TAFOYA – Still the best woman sportscaster out there, even if she can’t dance.

ELIZABETH BANKS – First saw her in WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER and thought, “Wow! This girl is funny!” Only later in the movie did I realize, “Oh, and she’s also beautiful”. But it’s that “funny” thing that makes her a 10.

MARISA TOMEI – Somehow never ages.

DIABLO CODY – JUNO was not a fluke. I miss her commentaries in ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY.

MARY LYNN RAJSKUB – Her “Chloe” was the most original character on television. I know they don’t teach “exasperation, looking bored, eye rolling, and perpetual scowling” in charm school but they sure work for Mary Lynn. She’s also a great guitarist.

CAT DEELY – So you think you can host? She really can.

MY WIFE -- Happy Anniversary, Debby


danrydell said...

I love Bowen, ever since "Ed".

Sarah Chalke - funny, funny, funny.

Kaley Cuoco - She's a great foil for Sheldon.

Judy Greer - It's a crime she hasn't gotten a huge hit show.

Tina Fey - Duh.

Alison Brie - Great on Mad Men and Community

Kristen Bell - Funny, hot. Veronica Mars killed before its time.

SMG - What the hell happened to her?

Ginnifer Goodwin - Ever since Mona Lisa Smile.

Jennifer Connelly - (whew)

And, just for fun, the obligatory Jennifer Aniston and Natalie Portman. Hubba hubba.

Bob Sassone said...

I would add Amy Sedaris to that list.

Lex Kuhne said...

Nice piece, Ken. I have my thoughts on the topic, but that's why I have my own blog. But, hey, it's our anniversary today, too! Congrats, enjoy the day.

Jon J said...

Gina Bellman, Jane on Coupling, played the ultimate self-centered airhead to perfection. Her exploits flying over London and reporting traffic were priceless. Or, as the Brits would say, Brilliant!

Alan said...

Nice save with that Anniversary stuff thrown in at the end. Wow can you imagine the trouble you'd be in if you didn't thank your wife.

Also you should see MARY LYNN RAJSKUB do standup. Very funny.

Alan said...

blogger doesn't understand my sarcasm tags. Whatever. Maybe someone will get it.

By Ken Levine said...


Are you kidding? That was my excuse for even writing the article.


Anonymous said...

Is it just me, or is publishing a list titled Women I Love on one's anniversary kinda...well, insensitive? A great list, no argument there... But maybe Debby deserves to be at the top. Unless, of course, she's made up her own list of Men I Love. In which case, I'd love to know where Ken comes in.

By Ken Levine said...

Don't you always save the best for last???

Gughunter said...

Heh, good thing Coburn didn't ask if a law could be passed forcing Americans to buy health insurance... he would've been laughed out of the room!

rhys said...

Have you seen Role Models? Another really funny movie with Jane Lynch. You will never look at a bagel-dog the same way again.

Vermonter17032 said...

Nice list. Agree whole heartedly, especially with Julie Bowen. Loved her in the sadly under-appreciated Ed.

Of course, this could become an endless list -- especially for a show-biz outsider who doesn't know what these celebrities are really like, but I'd add:

Claire Danes
Vera Farmiga
Charlize Theron
Mary Louise Parker

Okay, I'll stop now.

Nat G. said...

The thing about Glee is... here's the new hit show for teens, filled with teen characters, and the break-out star turns 50 next week.

If that's not a well-due win for Jane, danged if I know what is.

Anonymous said...

IMDb has an in-production movie listed for Jane Lynch called Paul. Also starring Seth Rogen and Jason Bateman. My guess is that Jane will also steal the show on this one too. The plot description is "Two British comic-book geeks traveling across the U.S. encounter an alien outside Area 51." I wouldn't have given it a second glance were it not for Jane's involvement.

Unknown said...


Kelsey Grammer just tweeted a show idea about the Crane brothers' sons with guest appearances of Frasier characters.

I'm wondering what you think of the idea and if you would write for such a show?

Alyssa said...

Cute post, and happy anniversary! I too love Cat Deely, she's an amazing host and genuinely loves the dancers.

Mister Charlie said...
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Mister Charlie said...

Yes! GINA BELLMAN – Great Coupling character.

RACHEL MADDOW - Absolutely!

I am sure I have others but these two definitely show your good taste.

Michael Zand said...

Aha!! You let the "cat" out of the bag. With your revelation of loving Ms. Deely you tell us that you do watch "So You Think You Can Dance." So, don't you agree that the show is probably the best talent competition on the air? It's innovative, has taken the art of dance and moved it forward with the fusion of different genres. It has genuinely talented contestants who are amazing athletes.

The judges are real experts who've all put in their time in the trenches as dancers. Their comments are usually spot on and helpful.

Ironically, my one criticism is with Cat Deely. She has, up to this season, been fabulous. Now, I find, she's become a little too aware of how adorable she is and just is "too, too cute" sometimes.

However still love, love SYTYCD.

PS. I'm not gay.

Brian Phillips said...

Gina Bellman was in the BBC miniseries, "Jekyll" also written by "Coupling" author Steven Moffat. She was great, but the series was nothing short of amazing.

I wish that Jenna Elfman could find another vehicle. I enjoyed "Dharma and Greg".

I don't think that she would complain if I said that she was influenced by Carol Burnett.

I also wish that the early "Simpsons" shorts didn't hold up the release of the "Tracey Ullman Show".

WV: bevilin - Act evil.

Kendall said...

Until this post, and a quick trip to imdb, I would have bet real money that Parker Posey was in Wet Hot American Summer. Have she and Elizabeth Banks ever been seen in the same room at the same time? Because I'm convinced that they're the same person.

Gary said...

You are getting verrrrrry sleeeeepy.

Tim W. said...

I'm a little annoyed no one has mentioned MY wife. You're an insensitive lot with very little good judgement, if I do say so, myself.

Anonymous said...

I think you missed the point of Coburn's question about the government having the power to force people to eat three vegetables a day. He was attempting to discover whether Ms Kagan's judicial philosophy allowed for the Supreme Court to overturn laws that obviously expanded the power of government far beyond the limits of the Constitution, like the new health insurance mandates (i.e., can the government force us to do virtually anything, as long as they cite the excuse that it's good for us and saves the health care system money?)

Her evasive response implied that just because Congress passed an idiotic, overreaching law, that didn't mean that the Court should do its Constitutional duty and uphold the rights of the people by overturning it. That didn't reflect badly on Coburn; it was a frightening glimpse of her views on the limits (or lack thereof) of government power over the freedom of the individual.

Sorry for the anonymous posting, but I have to work in an industry where uncomfortable questions about liberal groupthink are not welcome.

Anonymous said...

Elena Kagan...If ever there was a case of a woman's looks being improved considerably by their personality, she is it.

Brian said...

"DIABLO CODY – JUNO was not a fluke."

Did you see JENNIFER'S BODY?

These critics did:

Rotten Tomatoes Top Critics review "JENNIFER'S BODY"

One screenplay, even an Oscar-winner, is not enough to declare "no fluke" status.

And "TARA" is another story.

Kathryn Hartog said...

I for one completely agree with you about Cat Deeley, and find it weird that she's never been nominated for an Emmy even though Ryan Seacrest has. Cat makes it very clear how much she loves the dancers and the show, making SYTYCD a friendly experience, while Seacrest does not show the same on his program.

And my dearest Anonymous #2: the health insurance mandates force health insurance companies to fulfill their originally stated goals, i.e., actual health care insurance. It doesn't force people to pay for insurance, it forces the companies to give it to them.

VW: inglys. I'm really glad spelling was systematized before English turned into this.

bevo said...

Lots of funny, even attractive ladies. But I prefer to use the Tony Korhnesier Bag Ready as the threshold for hotness.

Bag Ready, according to Mr. Tony, means you have a bag ready to go by the doorstop in case she rings.

My list of bag ready:

Marisa Tomei or Lauren Graham (If both showed up at the same time, then I know I am dead and in heaven).

Maura Tierney
Callie Thorne
Sarah Chalke
Jan Smithers

Ellen said...

Did you see Jane Lynch in Lisa Kudrow's Web Therapy? Brilliant! (And excruciating.) Worth a watch.

Be sure to watch all three episodes. They get funnier and funnier.

BingoBango said...

Yeah, Rachel Maddow is about as "fair and balanced" as Bill O'Reilly.

Trip said...

Nice shout-out for Cat Deely. I've been nursing a crush on her for three or four years now -- the accent, legs for miles, fashion fearlessness, goofy, and a quick, open-hearted wit. Boo to Emmy for overlooking her again and again.

Ref said...

Bingobango, when has Rachel Maddow ever claimed to be "fair and balanced." She's an unrerpentant liberal. You know, the kind of person who never gets their own show on Faux!

emily said...

Don't forget Katie Couric.

On second thought, forget Katie Couric.

Cap'n Bob said...

To each his own. You can have half of them. I'll take the other half.

n8vnyer said...

Thanks. Happy Anniversary to you, too.

Mac said...

Francine Smith from American Dad.
As she's not real, I'd have to say Wendy Schaal who voices her.
Hubba, and furthermore, hubba.

mcp said...

I hesitate to add women from one source due to the political leanings of our host. I'm not saying I agree with its the editorial viewpoint or its pundits. But, you can't ignore there are some great women at...

Fox News.

Hold your fire! Okay, here are two:

Harris Faulkner - Smart. Funny. Amazing looking at 45. Can handle breaking news and longer interviews. Rachel Maddow however can probably make a better cocktail.

Patty Ann Browne - Should have replaced Jane Skinner instead of Jenna Lee. Only Fox anchor with a gangsta' nickname (Notorious PAB). Always does well when she appears on Fox News' comedy panel show "Red Eye." Did anchor at MSNBC before FNC.

Again, I will accept that Fox News' editorial policy is what it is. And, I'm not asking you to like Bill O'Reilly or heaven forbid Glenn Beck. I am simply putting out for discussion two women who should be in the mix. I will now read my email from the DMC and buy a Prius.

Buttermilk Sky said...

Re Tom Coburn: that's DOCTOR fucking moron. Yes, this clown can practice medicine. On humans.

Happy anniversary.

Matt Patton said...

Great to see a shout-out for Gina Bellman--she's the main reason I started watching LEVERAGE in the first place--as it turns out, everybody else is quite good, too.

There must be something in the water over in the British Isles--they turn out funny, beautiful woman in job lots over there. One of my favorite DVD sets is the sketch show MAN STROKE WOMAN with three beautiful, funny women in it (Daisy Haggard, Amanda Abbington, and Meredith MacNiell), also the whacked-out hospital farce GREEN WING where a Scottish actress named Michelle Gomez (yes, Gomez-she was born is Glasgow) was absolutely astonishing as the unhinged executive at a hospital full of unhinged sorts (by the time this character gives birth to a lion cub--it doesn't see all that weird--trust me).

DwWashburn said...

Yeah, Julie Bowen. Like other posters, I think "Ed" was very under appreciated. She played the "girl next door" that got away.

And by the way I notice a lot of beautiful actresses are described as the "girl next door". Up to my high school graduation, we lived in eleven different places, and I never lived next door to a girl that looked like Julie or most of the ones given that label.

Lisa Hunter said...

I don't think Claire is the "voice of reason" on MODERN FAMILY. Claire is a caricature of the helicopter mom who has no life outside of her family, the un-liberated woman who always lets the man "win" so he can save face. She's played with such humanity that we don't despise her, but she's sure not anything I'd aspire to be.