Saturday, July 03, 2010

What celebrities are Tweeting right now...

As a way of thanking my Twitter followers, I scanned these Tweets so you don't have to.

John Stamos | la-nyc
I love mexico! beautiful country, good 'family' people. off to mexican yoga- whatever that is. about 7 hours ago

Barbara Walters
I am feeling great. about 1 month ago

A month ago? I need an update for my chart.

Paris Hilton
What a fabulous day! Great game! Now back to the hotel for a nap and massage before dinner. :) about 5 hours ago

Randy Jackson
Yo.. Thanks for all the cupcakes

Kim Kardashian | on a plane...
Frozen Hot Chocolate! I'm in heaven!!! about 1 hour ago

Thanks. Just HAD to know that.

Kathy Griffin
Thx u guys! Wait for it...Watch D List Tuesday, get tix 2 come c me on tour, buy my book on pb, buy Maggie's book "TIP IT", call EMMY VOTERS 34 minutes ago


Conan O'Brien | Los Angeles
Today's the 25th anniversary of "Back to the Future" - The movie that popularized DeLoreans, Flux Capacitors, & almost nailing your own mom. about 2 hours ago

I don't follow Jay Leno.

Nicole Richie
Just saw my dad "Shakirrrra" on stage. Someone throw me in a dark hole, Im MORTIFIED! Dad you're embarrassing me! about 16 hours ago

Lauren Conrad
For celebrity living at a fraction of the price, check out LivingSocial!

Jessica Simpson | Los Angeles, CA
O HAPPY DAY!!!! about 7 hours ago

This is why you need to follow her.

The Real Paula Abdul | Los Angeles, CA
This is the only July 3, 2010 that you'll ever live, so make it a phenomenal one! xoxoP about 2 hours ago

Hey, it may be insipid but she did get the date right.

Katy Perry/ under a palm tree
Happy birthday to the biggest goat/witch ever lived,

Huh? What?


Tom Quigley said...

RE: Paris Hilton -- one of the news channels just ran a banner saying she'd gotten busted for possession of marijuana.... Wonder if her "dinner" consisted of a bag of Doritos?....

Tom Quigley said...

The police just told her she's entitled to one tweet to her attorney...

bevo said...

If Paris Hilton would tweet about the jail experience in South Africa, then I might sign up for Twitter.

OTOH, just reading these tweets makes feel stupider.

wv - pressene: Things you do before making a slow scene.

Mike Barer said...

Great to follow a celeb as long as you understand it's probably not that celebrity tweeting. Even it's their actual site, I'm sure it's a publicist 99 per cent of the time.

J S Swanson said...

WHOA:: Katy Perry's Tweet has succeeded in making Paula Abdul's Tweet seem Lucid.
Oh, the Humanity ....

Gary said...

Paris was freed, tho not by the allies. Her traveling companion took the rap and the charges against PH were dropped. Isn't frozen hot choc. an oxymoron...and a heavenly one, at that? Is she vacationing in Waxahachie? WE hold these truths to be self-evident.

Will Teullive said...

Larry King
Finally free time for that nude cruise

Matt Patton said...

Isn't Katy Perry engaged to the comedian Russell Brand? He's a bit different looking, but the word "goat" doesn't come to mind . .

Mark Hill said...
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Mark Hill said...

Regarding Nicole Ritchie's "dad" embarrassing her on stage, here's a bit of reality for her...

If it weren't for Lionel's musical prowess, no one would know who the heck she is.

Paul Duca said...

I do have to admire Barbara Walters for her willingness to stay up on these mother is about her age and she just sent her first emal from a notebook computer.

Anonymous said...

Conan's the only one of that otherwise sorry-ass bunch worth following AT ALL!