Wednesday, October 10, 2007

the blogger and Torture awards

Wow! It seems my site is up for three blogger’s choice awards. A win here could make up for losing out on the Heisman trophy. Thanks in advance to anyone who votes for me. I promise to get us out of the war. You can vote by clicking on one of the icons to the right. So far I have like 5 votes in one category and 1 vote in the others. I don't think that's enough to win.

Not all awards are prestigious and coveted like the blogger’s choice, however. There are now “Torture Awards”. Honest. No foolin’.

Human Rights First, a New York-based (See? It’s not always Hollywood) nonprofit organization has nominated five TV series for excellence in realistically portraying torture or interrogation. The nominees are…


David Danzig, the director of Human Rights First’s Primetime Torture project said, “As incongruous as it may seem for a human rights group to honor the depiction of torture, these awards recognize that only a handful of TV shows have taken the time necessary to depict torture in a thoughtful, realistic fashion.”

As with any award competition, there are also worthy candidates who were unfairly slighted. In this case…

FOX baseball coverage with Tim McCarver


Anonymous said...

"worthy candidates who were unfairly slighted...FOX baseball coverage with Tim McCarver"

I'm pretty sure they're number one on Amnesty International's list.

Congratulations on the Blogger's Choice Awards. Better get your tux cleaned, I smell a Bloggie in your future.

In spite of the fact they require you to register in order to vote, (thereby exposing myself to another 500 unwanted emails a day) I did it because your blog provides hours of free entertainment, and of course there's our mutual admiration for Jimi Hendrex. ☺

Firepix1979 said...

Rather ironic that there's no best writing category in a blogging contest. Must be a Dick Clark production....

Unknown said...

What kind of award requires you to register to vote?

Sorry, clicking a banner and maybe another button is one thing (though the banner click should be sufficient) but registering - no thanks. What for? So I don't commit fraud? I clicked that banner didn't I, and I usually don't do that.

Mary Stella said...

Why wasn't Cavemen nominated in the Shows that Torture Viewers for Watching category?

Anonymous said...


Ken, any thoughts on the brewhaha over Susyn Waldman crying after the Yankee loss Monday night? (Insert Tom Hanks drop here)

The Curmudgeon said...

If nominated Fox & McCarver would win, hands down....

estiv said...

to depict torture in a thoughtful, realistic fashion.

See, that's why 24 is not on the list. Torture presented with "dramatic" lighting, tough-guy dialogue, and faux-Eastwood acting does not qualify as thoughtful or realistic.

By the way, your new logo? Cool. Spiffin' up the joint. Not to be confused with spliffs or joints.

Dunn said...

Go Ken! I voted for you in all three categories.

If, like me, you want to vote for Ken and avoid spam, use Temporary Inbox. This site allows you to create and use an email address for a few hours. You can confirm a registration and they are none the wiser (tho why, I do not know).

temporaryinbox dot com

FWIW: I'm not affiliated with this company at all -- just a relieved user. I love your blog, Ken. Thanks.

Cap'n Bob said...

I'm with sebastian--I have no intention of registering to yet another site. You'll have to take my vote in spirit. Sorry, Ken.

Torture? How about Oprah? The View? Maury? I'd rather have the jumper cables on my genitals than watch them.

Stella Louise said...

I voted for you in all three categories!

Anonymous said...

If Johnny Fairplay is presenting, be warned: He is one litigious bastard.

Anonymous said...

I want to see The Torture Awards televised, probably hosted by Carrot Top.

Can't wait to see the nominee montages.

Most Creative Electrode Placement.

Best Menacing.

The Torqmada Non-Humanitarian Award.

And I can't wait to see the musical production numbers. "I've Gotten Under Your Skin" "You Light Up My Balls" "I left My Fingernails In Guantanamo" "I Only Have Eyes For Now" "Zing Went the Hamstrings in My Legs"

PALGOLAK said...


You tricked me! I only voted for you in one of the categories so that I could see who was winning the Torture award.

It turns out there is no such thing. Boo!