Monday, October 01, 2007

Phil Spector testifies...sort of

Phil Spector (who just keeps getting better looking with age) made rare recordings that will be heard for the first time.

This very cool event will happen Tuesday on Whodaguyhawaii internet Radio. In 1969 KHJ radio produced the monumental 48 hour HISTORY OF ROCK N’ ROLL. One of the features was an interview segment with then-recluse now-mistrial-defendant, Phil Spector. They did a neat thing called a “blindfold test”. Certain records were played for Phil and he shared his initial reactions to them. Snippets of this feature were featured on the HRR but not all of it (there was that 48 hour time crunch after all).

But the full confession…I mean, recordings of these Spector tapes were recently discovered and tomorrow Ron Jacobs (who IS da guy of whodaguyhawaii) will play them. It’s the first time they will ever be heard in their entirety.

For rock enthusiasts, music fans, and forensic experts everywhere this should be a must.

Again, that’s Whodaguyhawaii Radio. Mahalo.

Phil Spector: “to know him is to prosecute him”.

For the record: There were many versions of the HISTORY OF ROCK N' ROLL that came AFTER the KHJ version. The KHJ version was the original. The credits are as follows, and these dedicated people are the ONLY ones who deserve the credit for the HRR.


Producer/Director: Ron Jacobs: Writer: Pete Johnson, Narrator: Robert W. Morgan; Recording Engineer: Bill Mouzis:
Re-mastered 2007 by D'Agostin Productions, Pasadena.


Anonymous said...

And all this time I thought ir was the fine folks at Drake-Chenault who produced the HRR. Their audio engineer Mark Ford is the one who REALLY made it sound so good. His year sweeps were amazing.

Anonymous said...

That HRR "Blindfold Test" was better than the blindfolded Pepsi Challenge. I remember the defendant - I mean Spector -pointing out the background falsetto vocals and the pizzicato strings (delicious with marinara sauce) in the Skyliners "Since I Don't have You". I hope Ron Jacobs will repeat those Spector goodies in high rotation.

Mark Ford? the only name I'd heard as HRR producer was Bill Mouzis. Would love to know more of the history of "The History of R&R".

Noam Sane said...

So I should listen to the webcast for 24 hours (once I figure out how to play the MP4 stream) to hear the nuggets?

Has this guy ever heard of podcasts? Geez.

Noam Sane said...

Well, at least it's distorted and unlistenable. So there's that.

Anonymous said...

It's too hard to get. There's got to be an easier way for Ron Jacobs to webcast Whodaguy. He should know better.