Monday, October 08, 2012

More photos from the CHEERS reunion party

Most of these are compliments of AP.  Warning:  many of these photos are of writers.  Names you've seen on the screen for years.  But maybe now for the first time you'll be able to put the face with the name.

If you haven't read my re-cap of the night, you can find it here.
The Bouchon Bistro -- ET won't show you this.
Jimmy Burrows and one of his many proteges.
Director Andy Ackerman, Glen Charles, and Sam Simon
Either Glen Charles is dying his hair or that's me with his brother Les.
Peter Casey and Tim "Mad Dog" Berry
Writer Ken Estin and his lovely daughter
Okay, so it wasn't just writers at the party.
Many Perlmans with Jim Burrows.  Rhea on one side and on the other -- writer Heide with her daughter Ruby.
Ted, Shelley, and Nancy O'Dell from ET
The reason there is a CHEERS -- Glen Charles, Jimmy Burrow, and Les Charles.
Writers Dan Staley and Cheri Steinkellner
For those who wondered what "Phoef" looked like -- Phoef Sutton and one of the actors.
Right out of Broadway Danny Rose -- writers Mert Rich, David Isaacs, Brian Pollack, and me.


An (is my actual name) said...

Yay, more photos!!! Thanks again, Ken! One question: Why isn't Shelley in the cast shot? :(

Phillip B said...

Thanks, Ken, for the great pictures. They mean a lot.

Max Clarke said...

Thanks, Ken.

It really did mean something for me to see the writers at the event. Nothing happens without a story, and the Cheers stories were at level most sitcoms can only hope to reach.

Paul said...

I would like to meet Ken Estin's daughter.

Marco said...

Looks like you had a great time! Thanks a lot for the photos!

Breadbaker said...

I hate to ask, but since I saw this and figured you'd know the truth, is this true? Sad if true.

Richard Y said...

So great to see these photos. All really seemed to have a good time. Must have seemed just like yesterday for you that you were working on the show. Thanks for sharing

Tom Chandler said...

Looks a little like the set from the pie fight episode of Almost Famous.

Did anyone get a tart in the face?

Eduardo Jencarelli said...

Brian Pollack, Mert Rich, Ken Estin, Sam Simon, David Isaacs and yourself. This could also be defined as a Simpsons reunion of sorts.

Estin was a top writer/producer on Tracey Ullman's show, directly responsible for the Simpsons shorts.

I'd seen Jimmy Burrows before, obviously, but I was delighted to finally see actual pictures of the Charles Brothers.

-bee said...

I was wondering why Danny DeVito was not with Rhea in these pix when I first saw them, then found out later that night why (he and Rhea have just filed for divorce).

Deanna said...

For some reason, as I've seen the name all these years, I'd always assumed Phoef Sutton was a woman. Oops! Thanks for the revelation!

Phil said...

Speaking of which, how DO you pronounce Phoef?

Good to see a picture of Heide Perlman. If often wondered if there was a family connection.