Saturday, October 06, 2012


Sorry I couldn't take more, but I had to limit the number of participants to make sure everyone gets a real "writers room" experience, my full attention, and enough Red Vines.


We do have a waiting list.

Although it's unlikely, occasionally we do get a cancellation.

So if you're kicking yourself for not being among the first 20 to register, you can put yourself on the waiting list.

And to this year’s crop of brave, adventuresome sitcom writers:

Can’t wait to see you in L.A. next month!

Update:  Just got this Tweet from a former attendee:

try standby list:I did lst yr,snuck in,best $ I ever spent in RT SITCOM ROOM is SOLD OUT


Paul Duca said...

Does the budget include plane fare from Walla Walla for Howard Hoffman?

Cheryl Marks said...

Friday Question:

Who makes the call as to which scenes are deleted when movies are edited to fit a particular time slot? The original editor and director?

How about TV shows? As a kid, I remember at least one I Love Lucy episode that now airs without a short scene that appeared between two commercial breaks.

I'm assuming the writer doesn't have a say.