Friday, October 16, 2009

10 of the best minutes of VOLUNTEERS

I actually discovered a recent good review of VOLUNTEERS! The words "idiot" and "stupid" and "moron" are used a lot but it's still very positive.

Here's one of my favorite sequences. Lawrence Bourne (Tom Hanks) posing as Kent Sutcliffe (to avoid a gambling debt) is on a plane to Thailand with fellow Peace Corps volunteers. There he encounters Tom Tuttle from Tacoma (John Candy) and Beth Wexler (Rita Wilson).

Meanwhile, I too am on a plane today. Heading to Philadelphia to cover the Dodgers NLCS Series for Talkradio 790 KABC. Save me a Cheesesteak.


Your Philadelphia Wedding DJ said...

Hey in Philly waiting for Sunday...

What a game today...Playoff baseball = whoever makes the least mistakes wins...usually.

Longtime reader and would love to meet and talk baseball and "the biz".

Let me know what works...

Johnny the Kidd

mental lint said...

The New York Times review by Walter Goodman is still a pretty impressive feather in your cap, almost 25 years later.

You're going to love the weather in Philadelphia. Too bad North Face doesn't make baseball apparel.

ChikaBebe said...

That is a good news ! Thanks for this wonderful post

45 is the new 30 said...

I live in the northern 'burbs ... Welcome to the Philly metro area, Ken! Good to have you here, although in my case "here" is sort of relative, since I'm over an hour north of where you are presumably staying. I hope you enjoy your stay, and that you brought some warm clothes with you (Mental Lint had the right idea with North Face apparel) - it definitely feels like Fall out there, so I would imagine that those who live in warmer areas would consider it the temps to be a little chilly. Fleece is a good thing. At least the damn rain has finally stopped!

Are you a Pat's or Geno's guy? I'm actually in neither camp; not all of us relish standing on a corner in South Philly at some point well after midnight with the makings of a "cheese wit" dripping onto our shoes, LOL! Some of us even prefer the sacrilege of provolone to Cheez Wiz.

Will you be pretty much sticking to the stadium area for the duration of your stay? If, per chance, you wander northward toward somewhat-more-idyllic Bucks County, holler - we'd love to hang out with you! And we can even make sure you get a great cheesesteak (or two) while you're here.

Safe travels, Ken!

Oh, and GO PHILS! :-)

WV: Hothea - the antithesis of the actual temps you'll be experiencing during your stay, since it's actually cold hea.

Joe said...

Given the fact I loved Volunteers I can only imagine how much better it would have been had they shot it as written.