Friday, October 09, 2009

For all you fans of Quentin Tarantino... and the Muppets

Here's the movie you've got to see. PULP MUPPETS.


Anonymous said...

You may be on to something...

1. Giant head
2. Fuzzy grasp of reality
3. Lives in his own special world

Quentin Muppetino!

david o'hara said...

This has nothing to do with the clip, but everything to do with the news:

I had always considered the Noble Prize a cut above the more.

If Obama was an honorable man, he would decline the prize until he's earned it.

But of course we haven't had an honorable man in the White House in many decades. In this day and age, I don't believe you can be honorable and get voted in (or even nominated)as president of the US.

Jeffrey Leonard said...

HI Ken...
Glad to hear your subliminal voiceover on this weeks episode of "Modern Family". That was you as the baseball announcer on the T.V., wasn't it?

dmizzo said...

Hey, David O'Hara. Shut up.

Anonymous said...

on a very unrelated note... I was pleased to hear your baseball play-by-play work in the background during the recent episode of Modern Family. These small things do not go unnoticed. Congrats.


Anonymous said...

David O'Hara - Just cut out the middle man and say you don't think Obama deserved the Nobel Prize because he's black.

david o'hara said...


many black men deserve and have earned the Nobel Prize - Obama hasen't.

Dimzzo, tell me what Obama's done to deserve it and I will not only shut up, I'll appolgize.

david o'hara said...


I do appologize. I had missed Levine's appointment of you as the official censor of his blog.

I'm very disspointed I won't be allowed to continue with this discussion because "shut up" is such a powerful opening volley to a rational, intelligent debate. (I had actually "quivered with anticipation.")