Sunday, November 24, 2013

A prank with a great payoff

Talk about a guy getting what he deserves... Check this out.


Tim W. said...

I've never liked "pranks" like that. Telling someone you cheated on them is not a prank. It's not funny. It's just being horribly mean. Making someone cry (which is inevitable for pranks like this) isn't funny.

These types of "pranks" seem to be all the rage in the internet. And as someone who loves practical jokes, I think it's horrible.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ken...I'm a Sound Recordist
in NY, and have been an avid reader of your blog for quite some time.
Today I worked at the media junket for "August: Osage County",
and one of the actors whom we interviewed was Margo Martindale.
Knowing how complimentary you've been of her work for several years, I asked Margo if she was familiar with your blog.
She was not, so I gave her your blog address. Margo said she would check it out, and added that she might even drop you a note.
Mark Solomon

Larry said...

No way is this real. The woman at least gives a decent performance, but he's horrible.

cshel said...

I was wondering if this was real or not, too. It's possible. If they both are not actors, and they both know there's a camera, and he's lying for the prank, and she thinks she's about to get proposed to, but then decides to prank him back, that could explain the lack of realism, or bad acting, on both their parts.

His prank was mean, I didn't think that was funny. But her response was then the more hilarious. Notice how he side-stepped her saying a couple of times that she thought he was going to propose, and then just walked off. That part seemed very real. : )

Eitan said...

This killed in improv class.

Don Jennett said...

When he said they were in Aruba, I thought he was going to tell her his real name is Joran Van Der Sloot, and Natalee Holloway's body was under the bed.

Art E. Ficial said...

The authenticity of that video makes OJ's alibi sound plausible.

Rodger OBrien said...

Agree with Tim. W. 100%. Mocking anyone even for fun is not enjoyable to me. This kind of thing has been done at least since Howard Stern & his fans did it.

Johnny Walker said...

Ken, I know you're a huge fan of Coupling (and so, by extension, presumably a fan of Moffat's writing)... Did you watch his big 50th Anniversary episode of Dr Who -- The Day of the Doctor?

I'm not usually a fan of Dr Who, but I watched this episode to join in the international celebrations, and I have to say: I thought he did a great job. It was lots of fun.

If you saw it, what did you think?

Johnny Walker said...

Also, I guess I'm in a minority, but I though the video was hilarious. (And I don't think anyone was acting.)

Anonymous said...

I thought the video was toilet.