Wednesday, November 27, 2013

What I'm thankful for...

Besides my family, here are some of the things I’m thankful for this year.

Claire Danes
Twitter followers
Jenny Johnson
New Yorker cartoons
Carl Reiner
Vin Scully
Paul Rudnick
Rachel McAdams
Tina Fey
Louis C.K.
Doc Emrick
My USC students
almond croissants
Apple computers
Throwback Thursday
Lobster at The Lobster
Jon Stewart
Facebook groups
The yellow line in football
Flavored Tootsie Rolls
My daughter is not dating a vampire
Don Draper
Rebecca Hall
Opening Day
The iPhone (when it works)
Rachel Maddow
A one cent residual when MASH plays a thousand times.
Hula dancers
Hawaiian sunsets
Bob’s Big Boy
Spam filters
Frank McCourt sold the Dodgers
The Gigi salad
DVD screeners
Morena Baccarin
Clayton Kershaw
Aaron Sorkin

My KCRW card
The Johnny Mann Singers
Bob & Ray
Joe Torre
Louis Black
Peter Luger's steak sauce
Manhattan Transfer
Dinah Washington
Denzel Washington

Patton Oswalt
The Bilko box set
iPad minis
Coffee Bean Ice Blendeds
Tallulah Moorehead
7 game World Series
Jon Miller
The Crab Cooker
Brian Wilson (the one without the beard)
Julie Bowen

Neil Simon
Sam Simon
Stephen Colbert
Antenna TV
Christina Applegate
Milk Duds

Linda Eder
Red carpet shows
Nicole Atkins
Amoeba Records
Fellow bloggers
On Demand
Our troops

Care to add your own?


JT Anthony said...

As the unofficial master of shameless, but not yet overbearingly awkward, plugs, it's shocking you didn't mention any of your books. Perhaps that's for your readers to point out. Well done.

Hamid said...

Claire Danes, Rebecca Hall, Morena Baccarin

Hell yeah!

Even though we don't have Thanksgiving in the UK, here's mine, since you asked so nicely:

Susanna Reid - those outside UK won't know the name but she's a goddess who presents breakfast TV here -
Lizzy Caplan
True Blood
South Park
Stanley Kubrick
Martin Scorsese
Woody Allen
80s movies
Kat Dennings
Rosamund Pike
Jeff Ross
Michael Keaton
The Honest Trailers guys

And too many more to mention.

Almost finished MUST KILL TV. Love the characterization of Muncie. From what I've read so far, I think it would make a terrific black comedy movie. By the way, you REALLY don't like Lena Dunham, do you?!

Chas said...

Ken Levine, among a long list. I enjoy having something worthwhile to read when I wake up every day.

Dodgerdog said...

I am grateful for you, and, among many others, music by:

Jake Shimabukuro's ukulele
Mark Knopfler's guitar
Leonard Cohen's songs
Layla Hathaway's voice
Leon Russell's piano
and of course, the Tuvian throat singers...

Jeremiah said...

W/out giving any plot points away, I'm in agreement w/Hamid: your book would be a good black comedy. It's one of the rare times when I think the movie would be better than the book. I read Forrest Gump when it was first published - around 1985 - and disliked it a lot. I was reluctant to see the movie but I gave in to domestic demands and went - what a difference. Unlike the book, Gump became humanized and very likeable. I think the same would hold true for MUST KILL TV. Not that your story doesn't have humanized characters, it certainly does. But to say more would probably get me censored - again! So I won't. Happy Holiday to all.

Erika said...

Most everything you said plus...

Kyle Chandler
Lady Parts Justice
Corey Booker
Pharrell Williams
HBO Documentaries
Scriptnotes Podcast
George Gershwin
Health insurance
Hard cider

Mike said...

This article is a cry for help.
People, post some topics for Ken to write about.

Todd Everett said...

I'd like to hear more about that Bilko box set. I have a best-of and season 1. Maybe he box is Region 3 or something? Also, why doesn't Disney get on the stick and complete the Muppet Show series.

McAlvie said...

I'm thankful that Ken Levine writes such a great blog!

Here's a topic, or a Friday question, if you prefer: Ken, you didn't give the new Robin Williams show much of a chance when it first aired. I was wondering what you think since they added Brad Garrett.

Chris said...

@Todd Everett: A friend of mine bought a 3-volume set of Bilko episodes off of ebay. 147 episodes, but they turned out to be homemade product, recorded off of old Comedy Central broadcasts of the series.

I wouldn't be surprised if music rights weren't holding up the remaining seasons of the Muppet Show. That was a very music-heavy series.

Carol said...

Oh, so you like Linda Eder, too. Been listening to her a lot lately and have picked up several of her albums, most recently the one of Judy Garland songs.

marie said...

Orphan Black and Tatiana Maslany, (who also has a background in improve) and the actor who plays Felix her stepbrother
and my health..

helen said...

improv spell autocorrect did me in

David from Boston said...

French Fries at Kelly's Roast Beef (at Revere Beach, NOT Route 1)

THE PRODUCERS (the original movie)

TCM (for every Preston Sturgess and Harold Lloyd movie they show)

Woody Herman, Dave Brubeck

Allison Janney


Every episode of M*A*S*H (except the one in which Henry Blake dies)

your blog!

Cap'n Bob said...

The Beatles
film noir
plastic model kits
Marx playsets
paperback books, especially mystery and Westerns
my kids and granddaughter
my concealed weapon permit
the internet
Leave It to Beaver
my dogs

Charles H. Bryan said...

I'm thankful that the FBI is not more competent and that I thus I remain a free man.

Perhaps I've said too much . . .

Hey, thanks to you Ken, for the blogging and the books and for all of those scripts with David. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

And in the spirit of the season, a Happy Thanksgiving to Lena Dunham, Zach Braff, Tim McCarver, and Roseanne. Why not? (Oh, I know why not - now I'm picturing them all together at the same holiday table.)

Dale said...
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Jeffrey Mark said...

Very cool that Amoeba Records made your list, Ken. Amoeba first opened in Berkeley back in the early '90s and I've been patronizing the store ever since...matter of fact I was just in there a couple of days ago.

I'm thankful for:

My 13 year old only child daughter, Naomi and her excellent health.

The Rolling Stones still together.
Keith Richards

British invasion music still enduring from The Beatles, Stones, Kinks, Who, Animals, DC5, Yardbirds, Small Faces, The Move.

Mad Men
House of Cards
Breaking Bad
Orange Is the New Black
The Good Wife
The Middle
Shark Tank

My good health

Living in Oakland
Very close to San Francisco
and let's not forget Berkeley

My giant 45's collection.
Still making mix tapes
Reading good books

That I met and had breakfast with Red Skelton.

Meeting ans shaking hands with Brian Wilson.

Tiger sneakers
Ralph Lauren button down shirts

Staying close friends with my high school friend Sheldon who transformed into Shelly.

Walking around the different San Francisco neighborhoods.

Staying away from LA

My large collection of very cool Japanese transistor radios that took me 23 years to acquire.

Punk rock music from 1976-1978

The Ramones

Listening to old Top 40 airchecks of KHJ.

Lots more too numerous to mention.

Brian O. said...

Aside from my family and friends I'm thankful for:

-American Flyer, Lionel and Marx electric trains
-Pinball machines
-Steven Moffat
-Kenneth Johnson
-Tex Avery and Bob Clampett
-George Pal and Puppetoons
-Ed "Big Daddy" Roth
-This blog
-30 second clips of free porn
-Steven Moffat (enough talent for two mentions)

Brian O. said...

Oh, and Nat Hiken.

Dale said...

There ae so many things I for which I am grateful. I love modern recording technology. We can aurally record music!!! If only we had tapes of Bach or Mozart actually playing...

I am grateful I am able to listen to Chick Webb, who had a life and career long before I was born. That I was able to play the drum introduction to 'Liza' for a 15 year old student, show him the various techniques and explain that this music was the heavy metal of Chick's time, and how it connects all drummers. To see my student's eyes open in surprise, that makes me thankful.

Music and literature.... Hearing Bach for the first time and discovering Sophocles at 15.... Yeah, I'm thankful. :-)

Rob said...

The Clash
The Police
The Ramones
The Replacements
Old 97's
Alison Krauss
JD McPherson
80's alternative/college rock
Arby's Market Fresh sandwiches
Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
Patricia Heaton's acting
Eden Sher
Toks Olagundoye
Jami Gertz
Connie Britton
Nancy Travis
Lauren Cohan
The kid who plays "Dick Butkus" on The Neighbors
The ratings decline of 2 Broke Girls and 2 1/2 Men
All in the Family
WKRP in Cincinnati
Google Maps
Google News Archive (sadly abandoned)
Dutch apple pie
Ken Levine & David Isaacs

Jeffro said...

I'm thankful for " Ken Levine", of course!

There's lot's more that I'm thankful for but I won't bore you with any of it. You can be thankful to me for that.

Ron Rettig said...

The Apple Pan in L.A.
Moody's & the Tourist Club in Truckee

Mike Barer said...

I'm happy that the things I complain about are small and insignificant!

Neal said...

Stu's Show

Anonymous said...

You deserve at least one day off a year, posting a list of things you like might just qualify as taking a day off from writing.

benson said...

Hear, hear for Doc Emrick (the joy in his call) and the wonderful Carl Reiner.

Also thankful for the greatest 17 second ever. (Chicago and hockey fans know)

And for Great Big Radio. Really sounds good.

Todd Everett said...

Chris said...

I wouldn't be surprised if music rights weren't holding up the remaining seasons of the Muppet Show. That was a very music-heavy series.

true of some series I know -- WKRP and Crime Story, for instance, were both issued on DVD with what sounds like library music.

But Disney, who has a lot invested in the Muppets, issued three (of, I believe, five) seasons intact -- each season with fewer extras than its predecessor, BYW.

Even if they didn't do particularly well, which i find hard to believe, it would seem to be good pr and with the relationship with Henson productions to compete the series.

Particularly since they seem to be working the movie end of the franchise hard -- making new ones and reissuing old ones.

clearly they don't agree (sigh)

Anonymous said...

A Friday question for you, blogmeister:

As a product of America's finest university--UCLA--who has gone rogue and now works at USC aka University of Second Choice, whose football team will you be rooting for this weekend?

Tallulah Morehead said...

Tallulah Moorehead
7 game World Series"

Thank you, darling, and back at ya, as the kiddies say.

VP81955 said...

Turner Classic Movies
Anna Faris (and Allison Janney, and "Mom")
"Hot In Cleveland"
Bryce Harper
The new Beatles at the BBC box set (including a remastered Vol. 1, featuring John Lennon's brilliant take on "Soldier Of Love")
Elvis Costello
BBC news
Maryland being in the Big Ten one year from today
Carole Lombard movies
William Powell movies
Marshall Crenshaw
"Dragnet" and "Gunsmoke" on radio

Austin in Japan said...

When I was in 5th grade(probably 1980) our teacher made us all list our favorites. Favorite food, place, TV show, etc. For my favorite TV show, I wrote down M*A*S*H. I was the only one in my class to choose that show. I don't even think I knew what a martini was, but I guessed it must have been pretty darn good. I would like to thank Ken Levine for his contribution to that show. It was a show that really touched my heart, even in the 5th grade.
Friday Question:
Favorite and Least Favorite TV show theme songs and why.

Anonymous said...

Carl Reiner (Of Course!)
The Beatles
The Criterion Collection
Some Like it Hot
Dick Cavett's blog in The Times
Act One by Moss Hart
Everything given to us by David Rakoff
The Phantom Tollbooth
Kind of Blue
Sweeney Todd
Crissy Field
Cold Brew Coffee
Larry Gelbart
Edward Hopper
The sublime documentary "Visions of Light"
Nat Hiken
Ernie Kovacs

Roger Owen Green said...

Too much to mention, but including the Coverville Thanksgiving show - all Beatles covers.

Johnny Walker said...

I should make a list like this every day...

This blog
Good friends
Double Fine Adventure
Arrested Development
Jay Stevens
My clients
Tim Shafer
A patient and kind-hearted ex
My oil heater (sure is getting cold)
George RR Martin
Marc Maron
The Simpsons (first 10 seasons, natch)
Joss Whedon
Meditation (yes, again).

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hamid said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Ken! Enjoy your day off from your blog!

Dana Gabbard said...

Brian O., there is a limited release on bluray of the Puppetoons Movie with extra cartoons and loads of bonus stuff. Just came out and mine just arrived. YUM!

Dan Ball said...

New job (and a good one to boot!)
Starbucks gold card
Tickets to the John Williams concert
The works of Jerry Goldsmith
These headphones I've had forever
Miklos Rozsa's Violin Concerto
The tackiness of our Christmas tree
People who DON'T pig-park
People who use turn signals
Jennifer Lawrence being from Louisville
My friends
The grad program at Asbury University
Peter Weir
Joe Dante
Both Graham Greenes (the author and the actor)
This blog
Joseph Campbell & the Hero's Journey
Cranberry sauce
My in-laws
My dog & cat
My wife

B McMolo said...

Thanks for the blog, Ken, and all the great work over the years. I watched the Turkey Day episode of Cheers earlier and was loving it. (Like I always do.)

Thanks for all the great commenters here and great reading on a daily basis, as well. Some nice lists up there.

Happy Chanukah and Keep On Truckin'.

Storm said...

@Hamid: The ONLY thing I hated about my time in London was that it was The Year Without A Halloween and very nearly The Year Without A Thanksgiving, but a bunch of my mother's fellow American college students threw something together at the last minute, just to spite y'all. No turkeys to be found, so we had goose, which tastes kinda weird. All of our English friends were confused; "You mean it's a day when you just gorge yourself immobile? To show you're thankful? You lot are daft." Then I reminded them that a few weeks prior, they'd had a holiday where children begged in the street for money to buy fireworks, so who's daft, really?

Every time I list the things I'm thankful for online, they seem to go to hell. So, I'll just say that I'm thankful for my wonderful vegan (allergy reasons) husband, for the awesome hippy-trippy food co-op that makes vegan pumpkin pies, and for my dear friend who brought one to dinner to please said vegan husband and take the weight of trying to figure out how to make one (along with the rest of his dinner AND a regular carnivore dinner as well!) off my head. Seriously, he took a bite, squeezed himself, jumped up in the air and floated back down, just like the dog on Quickdraw McGraw. It was amazing.

So full. So very, very full. I think I might urp.

Cheers to all,


Karen W. said...

A day late, but I'm adding my not-at-all-ordered list anyhow. Also made one a couple years ago, so it was fun to compare them.

my sons
dark chocolate
Stephen Colbert
Max Raabe and the Palast Orchester
David Rakoff
Joss Whedon
the Sherlock Holmes stories
Trader Joe's
peanut butter
Terry Pratchett
Randy Newman
Manhattan (and the Megabus that takes me there)
Allison Janney
Marin Alsop

Mark Chaet said...

Leave my own? Is there anything left? I think the only things not on your list are John Boehner and that your daughter isn't dating John Boehner (though that might have been implied in the vampire item). However, I'll dig deep into the Mark bag: fireflies, the sound of a train whistle in the distance and Michael Gambon as The Singing Detective. Oh, and North by Northwest.

Loosehead said...

You had space for a picture of Morena Baccarin! You had space!