Saturday, November 23, 2013

Gr-gr-gr-groin injury

This is a funny parody on sportscaster auditions.  Lots of laughs along the way. The last bit seems a little familiar though.  

From our CHEERS episode "I on Sports."  Theirs was funny too.


Brian Drake said...

I was in high school when that particular episode of Cheers aired, and it was the only night my parents would let me stay up late, and it's still enjoyable, if not funnier now that I'm older and in the broadcasting business myself.

Jeffro said...

That was great, and what made it better was Woody doing the White Man's Overbite to it.

And the first video, the guy mispronouncing Sabathia's name reminds me of this:

Dale said...

Happily I have all the Cheers seasons on DVD.

While on a bus into the city to pick up my paper back copy of Must kill TV, I was listening to Jesse Thorn's Bullseye podcast. To close the episode he lovingly extolled the virtues of Cheers. He mentioned how sit coms can be a haven for people during tough times. I had to agree.

Ken, many times an episode of yours helped me through some horrendous times while dealing with hardship and literal life and death situations. Those times when I was helped by a song or a TV show made a lasting impression. I own every MASH, Cheers, Frasier etc.

Thanks for the helping hand. Not only to you Ken, but also David and others who have provoked a chuckle and an escape. Much appreciated.

I have the book! Cost the strangest price I ever paid for a book, $16.15!!! :-D

So far I am enjoying it very much.