Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Come to my Theatre Party!

This Friday night, if you come to my play, arrive early for a little reception at the Hudson Theatre Cafe.  I thought this would be a great way to meet and thank some of you for supporting this blog over the last eleven (yes, eleven years).  And you get to see my play, GOING GOING GONE, which is getting boffo reviews.  Like last week, I am making a special offer for readers.  Half-price tickets.  Just go here, type in the Promo Code 008, and order tickets for Friday night.  Seating is limited.

If schmoozing with me isn't enough, here are a couple of reviews.

Ron Irwin-- LA. Examiner

Suzanne Birrell -- Discover Hollywood

Thanks much.  Hope to see you Friday night.  Now back our regularly scheduled post


ken kahn said...

Any chance of making this available either in some form (for purchase of course) for those not lucky enough to live on the west coast? I've been following your posts since you started on this project and would very much like to see the final result.

Sharon said...

What time do the festivities begin?

Sharon said...

What time will the pre-show festivities begin on Friday? Looking forward to it!

By Ken Levine said...

7:15. Invite your friends. I'd love to fill the place that night. Saturday and Sunday are sold out but tickets still available for Friday.

D. McEwan said...

Glad to see all the great reviews. Congratulations.

barriowolf said...

Ken, just a shout out and a congrats on your play. Break a leg to you and your cast and crew for the rest of the run.

Cliff said...

Ken, Very much enjoyed the play last Friday. I recommend it to anyone that wants to see some 'inside baseball' and just a lot of good laughs! Oh yes, I did catch the (Dave) Niehaus tribute. Thank You for that.