Sunday, October 16, 2016

I'm trying an experiment

I've been on Twitter for several years and want to see if by Tweeting more I actually get more followers.   So I'm Tweeting lots of nonsense I hope you'll find amusing in 140 characters or less.   How has the experiment gone so far?  I've lost 20 followers.  

But a lot of my Tweets are anti-Trump so that's to be expected. 

If you'd like to read my misguided take on politics, show biz, and society please follow me on Twitter.  You can click here or the Twitter icon to the right of this post. 

In a month I expect to either go viral or be down to three followers. 

But I'm asking you to make this experiment a success.   Together we can make Social Media great again! 


Cap'n Bob said...

Nope. I don't do Twitter. I waste enough of my life on Facebook.

Brian said...

HI Ken. Following you already. Suggestion - how about posting some snarky videos?

Pseudonym said...

You know that by saying it's an experiment, you've ruined any experimental value it has, right?

Mary Stella said...

I'll do my best to retweet and quote your tweets, but only because I really like you and your posts.

SkippyII said...

I have been following you on Twitter and and click on the link for your blog every day. I have also been enjoining the very recent increase in the number of tweets you've posted (of course, the anti-Trump sentiment is the icing on the cake!).

Mike Barer said...

Let's all just retweet every tweet.

ADmin said...

I'm of the firm belief the more you Tweet - the more followers you lose. But that's just an opinion. (But your post alone could generate some followers)

DrBOP said...

HEY Amigo!

WHATever happened to "TWEETS?!?!? We don't need no stinkin' tweets!"


Thank-you for paying soooo much attention to your little twit technological titters......been "following you" FOR REAL for two years now.....that little bright pink Porsche that's always juuuust out of sight?.....ME!.....that friendly homeless vet in the back alley?.....ME!......that gorgeous Irish Setter down the street?.....Well, NOT me, but that's a damn good lookin' dog ('ya gotta admit).


Seriously, isn't there at least SOMEthing a little creepy about the "follow you" terminology? Or looking at it from a following a leader prospective, WHAT exactly are you leading us toward? Nirvana? Disney Bland? Burbank?


Check out this NYC-based whirlwind woman with a very current WICKED sense of humor (and politics) which she OFTEN takes too far in bizarre directions (she's also tight with the R Crumb folks AND plays in the East River String Band). Get her to follow YOU......could be worth another 100,000 ;^)

Finally, Chuck Berry will be (gulp!) NINETY years old tomorrow.

.......I KNEW that was doin' my motor good.....MAYBELLINE!

DrBOP said...

And might as well do the follow-up here.....Chuck Berry IS 90 today.....


So it's TRUE.....Rock'n'Roll will NEVER die.....and maybe Chuck won't either ;^)

VP81955 said...

He appears in many jazz clubs these days, perhaps in more of a blues mode than he was in his rock 'n' roll heyday.

Wendy M. Grossman said...

It's a fairly well-known effect that when you pop up in people's feeds more often more of the ones who are marginally interested will drop you. So you can't judge by the first results.