Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Still some tickets for Friday!

Saturday and Sunday are almost booked but a few good seats remain for Friday night's performance of GOING GOING GONE at the Hudson Theatre in Hollywood.   You want half-price tickets?  Sure you do.   Just go here and type in Promo Code 008 for Friday night.

Meanwhile, here's a neat profile of me and the play from last Sunday's LA. Daily News.   Come join the fun and say hi. 


kent said...

If you're still depressed over the Dodger's game six exit, go see Ken's play, "Going, Going, Gone". It's extremely funny and just might be the thing to pinch hit for game seven.

DodgerFan said...

Really loved the show this weekend! I laughed. I felt touched. I even wore my Dodger's jacket despite the fact their season is over.

My only source of irritation was having to leave not knowing that the Dodgers won "the game". Come on, you keep me there 19 innings against the Giants without an outcome? I'm not one of those Dodger fans that leaves to beat the traffic. If need be (much to my husband's chagrin) I'm one of those fans who will sing Take Me Out To the Ballgame twice in a night.

But seriously, I loved the cast, and the set felt very authentic. I hope you have a very long run of it.