Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Special offer to see my new play!

I want as many of you who live in Southern California to see my new play, GOING GOING GONE.   It's getting great reviews (like this one).   So this week I am offering tickets at half-price to you loyal readers.  Some good seats remain for this weekend -- Friday & Saturday night and Sunday matinee.   Comedies are always more fun when there's a packed house.   So join us!

You just go here.

And type in promo code: oo8.

You can then buy tix for half price.  

It's a very funny play with a great cast.  And I'll be there if you want to say hello or ask me about the Infield Fly Rule. 


Cliff said...

Oh Ken, I'm not regretting paying full price. Looking forward to Friday! I even flew my dear wife down to LA from Seattle just for the night.

Unknown said...

DearKen: Sorry I can't make it to see your play. However, I have a problem that you might be able to help me with. I am looking for a copy of KHJ:Inside Boss Radio by Ron Jacobs. I don't do e-books, it's out of print and there aren't any copies on eBay or in the used book stores. So I am writing you, asking for your help. If you know anyone that has a copy that they would sell, please give them my email address, so we can discuss price. I was saddened to find out about his passing and being a DJ myself, I was aware of the incredible things that he had done at KHJ, and I know that he will be missed. If you can help, please let me know. Thank you, Rick Harrison.

Unknown said...

PS: My email address is

kcross said...

As loyal readers, we snagged Saturday tickets the first time you mentioned it here. I even ran out and bought "It's Gone! ...No Wait a Minute..." so I can compare the play to the source material. It will make a great weekend away from our last-place Padres.

By Ken Levine said...


The Kindle version is still available. I don't know where you could find a hard copy but there must be some around. It's worth finding. It's a great book.