Thursday, October 13, 2016

For those who like to laugh

There are still about ten half-price tickets left for tomorrow night's performance of my new play, GOING GOING GONE in Hollywood.  And before the show a meet-and-greet.  It's a great way to begin the weekend, support this free blog, and meet other readers. 

Just go here to order tickets.  Type in the promo code 008.   Tickets will be only $15. 

Here are some more reviews. 

Erin Conley -- On Stage or Screen.

Serita Stevens -- Splash Magazine.

Mark Evanier -- News From ME

Now back to today's blog post.


Juliet6 said...

I took my mom to see the play last Sunday. We drove across the County and had a fantastic time. This is not a play just for baseball people. It is so much fun and you will laugh a lot....even if you are like my mom and possess very limited information about the game. What a great show !! I am a regular reader but did not get the discounted seats....I was fully satisfied paying full there any greater compliment???

The other aspect about the show that I appreciated fully was being able to see the show after reading the behind the scenes details that Ken describes in the blog. It really added so much depth to the experience. Thanks so much Ken!!!

Dhruv said...

After reading the comments and reviews, I wish I was there. Surely would have loved meeting Mr. Levine, and see the play.

Any chance this play will be available on YouTube later on.