Tuesday, October 18, 2016

My big announcement!

Okay, it's not a major announcement, but to me it's pretty big. 

After this Friday night's performance of my play, GOING GOING GONE there will be a talk-back with me and the cast.  We'll be talking about the process and sharing behind-the-scenes stories.  And you'll have the chance to ask us questions.   If you enjoyed my series of posts on the making of a play you'll really enjoy this.

And again, for blog readers, I'm offering tickets at half-price.  Just go here.  Type in Promo Code 008 and $30 tickets will only be $15.  Offer good all weekend. 

So come for the laughs.  Stay for the defense.   This Friday night at 8 at the Hudson Theatre in the safe part of Hollywood.

The show is doing so well that it's been extended for two more weekends, now closing November 20th.   We've had great crowds, great reviews, and great word-of-mouth.   So don't wait.  Get your tickets now while you can and while they're at half-price. 


Newtronic said...

I'm on the east coast. I can't get to the west coast, So for a Friday question, what are the difficulties in producing a video of a play? Is it hard (especially in this case) in negotiating with the playwright? Do you have to get video rights from the actors and director? Can you just stick it on youTube and split the cents among all the contributions?

Sounds great, wish I could see it live.

blinky said...

I wish it were not such a pain to fly down to LA from the bay area. I would be there!

DBenson said...

Some plays are recorded for PBS or cable, then marketed on disc or whatever. For most participants, onstage and off, there must be union contracts that would set a floor on how much they'd all have to be paid, Add the cost of decent video production (including a director to camera block).

In the early days of premium cable lots of plays were recorded as they sought original programming. I keep hoping more of those will find their way out of wherever, including the original stage "Bullshot Drummond" and Leonard Nimoy in a revival of "Sherlock Holmes."

DBA said...

Newtronic, outside of the logistics you're asking about, part of the problem of producing a video of a play is that all the lighting and sound is designed for the theater, which usually means it'll look and sound like shit on video. It's never as good as being in the room. Plus theater was written be experienced in the room. It would suffer massively.

Barefoot Billy Aloha said...

Nuts. Wish there was a talk-back on Sunday when we were there. :)

Maybe this is just me but I think this play will do well. It brings together Ken's twin passions: baseball and relationship comedy. It's not hard to forecast success for this play. Hey, Ken knows relationship comedy. (Ya think??) Ken knows baseball. (Duh!)

The play is based on baseball without the audience having to KNOW baseball. Even my 95 year old grandma laughed very hard on Sunday from the second row. She's still on life support.

This can't miss.

I think this is gonna go very, very well.


Melissa Hinton said...

I was there for the Sunday matinee showing this past weekend. It was a pleasure to meet and shake your hand after the performance.
It's a great show- thoughtful, and a lot of laughs!

Mike Barer said...

Congratulations on the great reviews! Is there a chance that you will take this on the road?

Diane D. said...

Wow---extended 2 additional week-ends! That's great; congratulations! And congratulations on the great reviews.

Pablo said...

I saw the play the Sunday before last and loved it (as a - lesser! - TV writer myself who fancies writing plays it was inspirational as well as hilarious). I would definitely come back for the after show talk if I wasn't already back in the UK. Anyone who can see it should buy tickets immediately!