Wednesday, August 02, 2017

EP31: Hanging out w/ Prince Charles & Writing Cheers "Bar Wars" Episodes

Ken touches on many aspects of his career – radio, writing, and baseball.   You’ll learn how he met Prince Charles and almost caused an international incident, the secrets of the CHEERS “Bar Wars” episodes, useless skills, and you’ll meet the “real” Brockmire.  Plus, another aircheck of Beaver Cleaver on TenQ.   Come for the stories, stay for the laughs. 

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Andy Rose said...

I went to a couple of Redbirds games at the old Cardinals Stadium by the fairgrounds. If I remember correctly, the pressbox was basically bolted underneath the roof, and you had to go up a catwalk to get there. Wouldn't be a fun place to call a game if you were afraid of heights.

ChipO said...

Bahahahahaha. So did Sonny.
Laughed on the treadmill - really loud.