Saturday, August 05, 2017

Only two more performances

Only two more chances to see my new one act play, THE FUGITIVE at the Stella Adler Theatre in the very heart of Hollywood -- only one block away from "The Museum of Broken Relationships."  We're getting great crowds and if you're in LA, it's tonight at 8 and tomorrow at 7.  For tickets go here and use the promo code 410 for discount seats.

Above is my cast selfie.  Penny Peyser and Andy Goldberg.

Seriously, it's getting big laughs and the other plays on the program are also terrific.  A great night in the theatre and it'll cost you way less than seeing CAPTAIN UNDERPANTS at your local Cineplex. 


nancy said...

Great show, Ken! Substance AND humor - nice to see in a 10 min piece. ( I wrote "End of the Rope", one of the Wild Card pieces, so flew down from Oregon to see both line-ups.) You got my vote in the evening performances!

I remember CLEARLY where I was during "The Fugitive" finale. It's like knowing where you were when JFK was shot! Thanks for your contributions - here and elsewhere. (And I, too, believe life should be experienced through "Oh wow!" lenses as often as possible...)

D. McEwan said...

Well, many of the other plays are enjoyable. A few are overlong navel-gazes. The acting is uneven, your cast is great as are a couple others (The older woman in "One Night Stan" is terrific.) Some of the others are not so fortunate. But with such quick plays, even when one bores you, five minutes later something quite different will be along.

Nice audience shot. You got the small balding spot on the back of my head framed perfectly.

Greg Ehrbar said...

My son and I had a great time, not only watching each of the plays, but discussing them on the way home. Our choices varied slightly, but not completely. When do you find out what the audience picked, and who wins the trip to Aruba and the Rice-A-Roni?

It was also neat to be at the historic Stella Adler theater and school. And to see the star for Hanna Barbera (no hyphen) on the sidewalk outside. Next time, I've got to find the star honoring Filmation. (I love therefore I kid.)

D. McEwan said...

Greg Ehrbar. About one block from my home is a large building I pass whenever I go to or from the grocery store. I think it houses a dental school now, but what it houses has changed several times in the 15 years I've lived a block from it.

But back in the 1970s, that building was Filmation. All the Filmation shows were made there in that building I pass by daily. I seldom glance at it without imaging Shatner, Nimoy and the cast of Star Trek going in to record the vocal tracks for Filmation's Saturday morning animated Star Trek series, 45 years ago.