Tuesday, August 01, 2017

My new play opens THIS WEEK

Here's a great alternative to going to the movies.   Go to the theatre.  And see my new play.  

Okay, I'm plugging this a lot because it's appearing this week only.   As part of Week 3 of the Hollywood Short + Sweet Festival, my comedy one act, THE FUGITIVE starring Penny Peyser & Andy Goldberg opens Thursday night at the Stella Adler Theatre in Hollywood.

And it's a competition.  So I want to stack the room with ringers!

It plays Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights at 8 and Sunday at 7.   Discount tickets are available.  Just use the code 410 and tickets are only $15.  There are also some on Goldstar.   

Here's where you go for tickets.  

When I had my pilot reading (up on the podcast now -- just click the big gold button under the masthead) on July 20th I also had a preview of THE FUGITIVE.   It got bigger laughs than the pilot so I know I'm onto something.   (If you were at the pilot reading, feel free to chime in.) 

It's a nice comfortable theatre space and Spiderman is hanging out on the street.  So I hope to see you this weekend in Hollywood.   I could use your votes and there's no one in Russia willing to help me.  Thank you. 


Gary said...

Nice to see the name Penny Peyser again. She was great in one of the funniest movies ever: The In-Laws, with Alan Arkin and Peter Falk.

thirteen said...

Penny Peyser! If I lived anywhere near there, I'd go. And if we're talking about her movies, let's not forget The Frisco Kid.

I lived in New York City for quite a while. Every couple of years, Penny would do local radio ads for her dad, who was a congressman from up around Westchester.