Wednesday, August 30, 2017

EP35: The Fascinating Lives of Natalie Wood & Ann Jillian

Two former child stars who made it to adult stardom.  Ken discusses the life and mysterious death of Natalie Wood and then interviews his childhood friend Ann Jillian who went on to star on sitcoms, Broadway, movies, and Bob Hope USO tours.   Her life is so fascinating they even made a movie-of-the-week about it. THE ANN JILLIAN STORY was the top rated MOW of 1988, and coincidentally, she starred in it. Ann has hilarious and courageous stories. 


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Wood Burr said...

I don't think the Natalie Wood death was ever declared a suicide nor do I think Raymond Burr ever came out of the closet, except perhaps to his male partners

Mike said...

Ann Jillian sounds like a down-to-earth, great lady. I enjoyed her on It's a Living - wish that show would turn up in reruns somewhere. It was a competently-written and produced show from two thirds of the Golden Girls team. And they had some wonderful comic actors in there, like Marian Mercer.

By Ken Levine said...

Wood Burr,

Good catch on "suicide." I meant "accidental." Anyway, I am taking steps to correct it. Thanks much.

DBenson said...

Years ago, I caught a PBS drama about waitresses in a diner-like restaurant. The central rivals were a tough old survivor and the college-educated young woman who was reduced to this. "It's a Living" felt similar, except the waitresses were now in a flashy expensive restaurant in sexy uniforms and getting along a lot better. Wondered if it was an actual adaptation; with the gritty play being network-noted into a chipper sitcom.

Much later, when Diane in "Cheers" took to writing (and eventually dramatized her life in "Frasier"), I remembered the PBS play and recalled the one educated waitress being almost too eloquent in responding to others. Maybe the playwright was a real-life Diane.