Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Different templates for different folks

My thanks to Howard Hoffman (Hoffmania.com) for trying to update and jazz up my site. On most browsers it looked very cool. On others (like Safari) it looked like Salvador Dali was my webmaster. Yikes. So it's back to basics. Computer retard that I am I just assumed a webpage would look the same on any computer in the world. Not so. That must also be the way it is with network television. When people watch ACCORDING TO JIM and think it's funny they must be watching a different show than me. Does Kelly Rippa have a brain on your TV? Was Whoopi Goldberg actually on INSIDE THE ACTORS' STUDIO? Did CBS in the same week show a movie on John Paul II and the Victoria Secrets Fashion Show? I so hope my theory is true because that would explain to me the VIEW, STILL STANDING, STACKED, Brent Musberger, and especially Fox News

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