Thursday, December 01, 2005

Sarah Silverman & Bad Sex

Happy birthday to Brittany Spears who turns 24 today. How fitting that on this day in 1962 a Texas doctor invented breast implants.

The L.A. Times CALENDAR section did a big feature on local bloggers on Thursday. I did not make the cut. When I started this venture, way back on Saturday, I knew it would take time to catch on but not this much time. Jesus! Still, I will carry on, never standing down from my comedy watch. And if you get a chance, read the article and check out the sites they did mention. They’re pretty great. I’d hyperlink you to them but have no idea how to do that. (which is also why you don’t see photos on this site or clocks and shit.)

So in a shameless attempt to get noticed I will be guesting on the Rollye James radio show tonight from 10-11 P.M. EST. It can be heard on 1210 in Philadelphia, 1080 in Dallas, a bunch of other affiliates and Channel 165 on XM Satellite radio. She’ll be the one with the deeper voice.

Spent some private time with Sarah Silverman yesterday. And by that I mean I was the only one in the theatre to see her new movie. Sarah is fearless…and often times hilarious. And it’s refreshing to hear a comedienne whose whole act isn’t lesbian jokes. I just worry how it will play in Kansas where they’re still trying to figure out Elayne Boosler.

And I’ll leave you with this: (WARNING: RATED X) the Bad Sex in Fiction Awards have been announced. Here is one of the winners.

“Winkler” by Giles Coren (Jonathan Cape)

And he came hard in her mouth and his dick jumped around and rattled on her teeth and he blacked out and she took his dick out of her mouth and lifted herself from his face and whipped the pillow away and he gasped and glugged at the air, and he came again so hard that his dick wrenched out of her hand and a shot of it hit him straight in the eye and stung like nothing he'd ever had in there, and he yelled with the pain, but the yell could have been anything, and as she grabbed at his dick, which was leaping around like a shower dropped in an empty bath, she scratched his back deeply with the nails of both hands and he shot three more times, in thick stripes on her chest. Like Zorro.


Michael Markowitz said...

Here is a link to the blogging story Ken mentioned:

Lloyd Thaxton said...

I'm reading. I'm reading and enjoying. Keep writing. Sorry I can't send you money but think pro bono (this does not mean to be a fan of a famous rock group).

LT as in lloydthaxton

Donita Curioso said...

Wow, Lloyd Thaxton! I remember you. My sister and I watched your show when we were wee tykes.

Sarah Silverman's segment in The Aristocrats was the best part of the movie.