Wednesday, March 04, 2009

A typical day in show biz

I love this industry. Just a glance at the LA Times CALENDAR section on Wednesday and I learned this:

Woody Allen continues to attract the finest actors of our time for his films. Larry David is starring in his next one. (Since it’s a comedy I hope Woody had the good sense to let Larry improvise… or rewrite the whole thing.)

There will be another HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL. So many unanswered questions in the first three. Aren’t the kids like 40 already? Male patterned baldness will be one of the subplots.

Britney Spears comeback “Circus” tour is being considered a rousing success. Thank GOD!! The Times paid her a huge compliment as an artist when they said she “renewed her claim as one of the world’s most adept manipulators of the public interest.” The show appropriately also features jugglers and clowns. If all goes well she hopes to get another record deal and permission to see her kids.

LOST’S Terry O’Quinn is glad to not be dead. That was front page.

Kirk Douglas is glad to not be dead. Also on the front page.

And finally, a university in Liverpool now offers a master of arts degree in the Beatles. Can an academic study of Freddy & the Dreamers be far behind? Serious scholars only need apply (like USC football players). I guess my question is what kind of a job can you get with an advanced degree in the Beatles? Other than maybe picking up Ringo’s laundry I can’t think of one.


Anonymous said...

For what it's worth, I'm glad Kirk Douglas isn't dead too.

Ref said...

Yeah. For my money, he's still the greatest "action" star.

Cap'n Bob Napier said...

If I were young I'd take that course on The Beatles.

WV: Unessess. What a person does when he rises from a toilet seat.

tb said...

Then you're allowed to open a comic book shop

Ralph Hitchens said...

"Yesterday...all my final exams seemed so far away Now I need a tutor to help me through the day Oh, I believe in yesterday"

Chris L said...

The Beatles course is taught by Professor Pete Best. Lesson 1, "The Beatles are assholes".

Duffy said...

Ken, I have a question:

Not to sound politically incorrect, but does being Jewish and/or liberal have give one any kind of 1-up when it comes to opportunities in LA? Be honest.

Anonymous said...

Larry David and Woody Allen on the same set? I can taste the neurosis from here.

D. McEwan said...

I know a number of liberal Jews who have never gotten anywhere in Hollywood, despite talent and years of struggle and hard work.

The question is insulting. It's a sadly-false Fox News Channel myth. You'd have to be a Rush Limbaugh admirer to credit such bilge.

And look at, oh say, Kelsey Grammar or Paricia Heaton or Tom Selleck, all non-Jewish, rightwingers who have done TOO well if you ask me.

jbryant said...

There are MANY jobs open to those who hold degrees in Beatleology. Most involve the wearing of hair nets (which is kind of ironic, no?).

Word verification: oolizoov. Don't know what it means, but it sounds like something a Liverpudlian would say.

Alan Tomlinson said...

"Not to sound politically incorrect, but does being Jewish and/or liberal have give one any kind of 1-up when it comes to opportunities in LA? Be honest."

You don't sound politically incorrect. You sound like a bigoted moron. You don't have to remain a bigoted moron though. The first step is recognizing it.


Alan Tomlinson

P.S. Bigotry and stupidity are very popular, please don't think that I'm picking on you.

The Kenosha Kid said...

FYI Larry David had a cameo appearance in Woody Allen's "Radio Days" way back when.

The Kenosha Kid said...

Can an academic study of Freddy & the Dreamers be far behind?

Lesson One: Do the Freddy

D Sunshine Vitamin said...

irresistable WV: fidefour: staying faithful to the original Fab Four no matter what.

Cap'n Bob Napier said...

You people are being too hard on Duffy. A lot of people outside the industry think the people who run things are either Jewish, liberal, or both. You could probably make a good case for it at one time, too. An honest answer without the vitriol is appropriate.